Monday, February 01, 2010

In and Out

That’s January for you. It was mostly cold and snowy, and it didn’t end too soon. It was tough to stay so cooped up in the house, especially with Mom staying with us. It’s much better when she can get outside to enjoy some sunshine. She is doing so now that she’s back in Florida.

Debbie and I are in and out too, going to some good social gatherings, including the MCRR banquet, and also getting ready for the trip.

And finally, my running has been in and out. In on the treadmill when the weather was just too awful, and out when I could stand it. I did stand it on the weekends when I often hooked up with friends to run Hinckley, the Valley, and other places. It was a decent month for running, with very good mileage. The quality wasn’t the greatest, but at least I did get plenty of hills in.

The first week of February saw even more mill running. That's partly because I felt like I was getting a sinus infection. It may be getting better. I also had to run on the Renaissance Hotel mill because we stayed there for the night after the Cavs gam. My thoughts about that: the Cavs win by making everyone else in the NBA look really awful. My thoughts about the Renaissance Cleveland: the best hotel on the planet, bar none. Of course it helps to get upgraded to a presidential suite.

And now that we’re in February, can March be far behind?

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