Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today's Run and Put in Bay

I did 3 on the presidents streets in 23. Felt like I was flying. Too bad I didn't have more time - maybe I coulda done something more.

Debbie and I and Dave and Carol went to Put in Bay for the day. The weather was perfect - low 70s, sunny and breezy. And the island wasn't crowded on a weekday. It was very very nice to finally see the place. The highlight was the Perry War/Peace Memorial - the history of the battle for lake Erie was fascinating.

But we also thoroghly enjoyed the beauty of the little island. We ate at a nice place right on the lake. Took a hop-on, hop-off tour around the island. Even the ferry ride was fun.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

long run today

There was the usual heat and humility today. Amy wasn't going to make it, so I got up early and hit the Lester Rail Trail for a long run instead of the intervals. It went well. One problem: I still can't get down to sub-7 pace at the end. I almost made it, and the last four were at least sub-8.

6-mile splits: 52.5, 50.5, 49.5, 46.5

total time: 3:19.

Not bad.

Monday, August 27, 2007

today's run - 2007-08-27 and some other stuff

First of all, I did 10 slow ones yesterday.

Today I did a yasso workout, and it went really well. Difficult, but well. The cool weather helped. I ran to the track, did the 10 x 800, with a few stops, and then ran home. Times were: 3:02, 3:03, 3:02, 3:02, 3:04, 3:04, 3:01, 3:02, 3:01, 3:01, for an average of 3:02. Woo hoo.

Debbie and I also went to the cat show with Amy, Brett, Kathy and Jessy. We then had dinner with the Zims. Yesterday was Deanna and Jack's 25th anniversary party. Good food and fun with the family.

Today Debbie and I drove to Mohican and did a hike there. Beautiful. The nice weather helped too. We ate lunch at a nice cafe in Loudenville.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

today's long run

I did 3 on the mill at tempo pace and then drove over to BVH to run with Amy and Dave. There we did 19 more in the heat/humidity. Not bad at all.

Going to the cat show today.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good Speedwork Today

Wasn't quite as fast as last week's 6:23 average - but considering the oppressive humility, this week's average of 6:25 was not bad at all. Done it with Amy. Going to visit the Gajewskis tonight. Maybe Uncle Jim in the hospital tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nike Attempt III and today's run

A while back I was looking through the Sunday Ads. My daughter, who lived in Connecticut, happend to be nearby. I laughed when I saw an ad at Kohls, Dicks, or somewhere for a running shoe called the Nike Attempt II. I explained to my daughter about how the running shoe companies make less expensive models for sale at large department and sporting goods stores. She laughed about the Nike Attempt II as well. It seemed to imply that this was the second attempt that Nike was making at this model. Or you could take it a different way. This would be you're second attempt at running in these shoes.

Now I just saw an ad for the Nike Attempt III. I suppose they still haven't got it right. Maybe they'll keep trying.

ORN: 11 dreadful dreadmill miles. It was raining, so I stayed indoors, and this shouldn't have been so bad. But it was. Maybe I'm still getting over Sunday's race.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Perfect 10-Miler

No, it wasn't all that perfect; that's just what they call the thing. It was, however, fine. Fine isn't as good as perfect, but it's pretty good.

This is the fourth year for this race, and I'd done all the others, so of course I had to keep going. Even though the cool autumn-like rain might have otherwise had me stay at home. My previous times were: 66:30, 67:30, 63:51!!! That last one reflects my good running year of 2006. I knew I wasn't in that kind of shape in 2007. My 10Ks had been about 2 minutes slower than those of 2006. So I expected this 10-miler to be 3-4 minutes slower. I just wanted to do under 70 minutes. A bonus would be to run every mile under 7 minutes.

The rain was fairly light, but felt really cold. That's a good thing. I had a rough time in that first mile. It was crowded, and I just couldn't get untracked. When my watch told me it went by in 7:05, I knew that particular goal was out the window. The next few were under 7 minutes, but not spectacular. But that was ok. I really wanted to do negative splits. That's assuming I had anything left. The 5-mile mark went by at about 33:50 or so.

The long gradual hill at mile 6 caused me to go over 7 minute pace once again, but then came the good part. Coming back down the hill produced my best split at 6:23, and the rest were good as well. My finish on the track was strong, and I crossed the line in 67:08.

That's about as good as I could've expected. No AG award - lots of fast guys there. At some point, I need to get myself up to the next level. That will involve getting my weight *down* to the next level.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Today's Stinker

I was dead tired yesterday, and couldn't run at all. I thought I'd be better today, but I didn't sleep well at all. So I was dead tired once again as I started running. And that showed. Tried to pick it up just a bit, but wound up with 9+ minute miles at the finish. I did 12 in 1:42:30. Much worse than it looks.

Mom's staying with us. Should be getting cable with HD and faster internet today. Picnic tomorrow at Mosquito with Dave and Carol, and Beth and Ed and Deanna and Jack and family.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

today's speedwork

I ran to the track and met Amy there. The 'ole legs were tired and sore, but I managed to do some speedwork with her. I did 2 x 1600 (6:39, 6:35) and then 2 x 800 (3:08, 3:06). Slower than yesterday's speedwork, but not bad. Circuitous route home for 13 miles total.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

today's speedwork

There was some trepidation - yesterday's tiredness and my big big belly. But it was much better than expected. 8 x 1600 in 6:23. Very very good running.

It's a girl - born on the 13th so I win.

Monday, August 13, 2007

today's run and travelling to races

I did 5 extremely slow miles today after yesterday's decent 22. Here's a note I sent to DRS about travelling to races.

Does anyone else on the list ever stop to wonder about the wisdom of traveling to races? I do. Not that it necessarily completely stops me from doing so. I still do some of it: I'm planning on Chicago and JFK this fall. OTOH, I've skipped some out of town races that friends were doing, just because of the expense.

There are plenty of good races of all sorts within an easy drive of my home. When I stop to think about it, there is no need whatsoever to travel anywhere for any kind of race. Some would probably say that by doing an out of town race you meet new people and get new scenery. My take is that the people are nice, but so are the ones nearby. And scenery is nice, but I really don't notice it during the races themselves.

It can be really funny to hear runners talk about their travels to races if you pretend you're a non-runner listening in. You would hear things like: "Are you doing Chicago this year?", "I did Las Vegas and the logistics were so bad that I'll never to that one again", "At Boston they had this dual start", and on and on and on. Just funny.

Don't get me wrong. I'm part of this community myself. It's just that I occasionally try to view it through the eyes of a non-runner. Maybe an anthropologist.

ORN: 5 EXTREMELY slow miles today. I just couldn't wake up. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

today's run - 2007-08-12

I started slowly, but somehow managed to get 22 in today. It's always tough after a 10K, but this was pretty decent. I did the 11-mile substation loop, then slowly made it over to the track, where I picked up the pace, but not down to MP, then I made my way home. Decent Decent.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Green Family Y Caribbean 10K

Last year I was so proud of my record of three sub-40 10K's. Of course I've been disappointed when it hasn't been happening again this year. It just couldn't be that those 5-7 extra pounds that I'm carrying around would have something to do with this. No, it must be some kind of negative divine intervention or something.

So at the Orrville 10K a month and a half ago, I did 42 minutes flat, whereas last year it was just under 40. And at today's Green Family Y Caribbean 10K, I did 41:38, whereas last year it was 39:38. 41:38 isn't all that bad, but it still hurts when I compare it to my recent past. I suppose it won't help to mention that my GPS (I know: they're not always all that accurate) showed it as 6.31 miles, now would it? Even if I did factor that in, I would've had to also do so for last year's time, because the course was exactly the same.

Also - last year I was 1st in my AG, and this year I was third. They gave me a hat for that. The race is called "Caribbean" because as a door prize last year they gave away a trip for two to the islands. Some 18-year old won it. This year, it was a trip to anywhere AirTran flies, which I don't think includes the Caribbean. Unless maybe Jack Sparrow hijacks the plane or something. I didn't win again this year anyway.

Now I've got the Perfect 10-miler to look forward to next Sunday. Last year I did a really fantastic 63:51 there; one of my best 10's anywhere. Think I'll do anything like that again?? (small voice: "don't bet on it")

Thursday, August 09, 2007

today's run - 2007-08-09

Another early morning run on the mill because of the early calls. This time 11 in 81.5 minutes, with a 5-mile MP run. More buckets of sweat. I may do another run later. Tough to get in 70 miles while taking two rest days a week.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

today's running - 2007-08-08

12 on the mill including 8 x 1600 in 6:28. Buckets of sweat.

Later on, 3 across 303 in 25 in oppressive heat/humility. More buckets of sweat.

And yesterday, 08-07:

What a good run today. It was oppressive - near 80, with terrible humility, but I did the 11-mile new subs route in 83 and a half minutes, including a 3-mile tempo.

I successfully fought off that cold with zicam. Even so, I was very tired all day yesterday. Better today.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tale of Two Towpath Traversals

Yesterday I ran with Dave, Dena, and Amy on the towpath and on some other trails. It was nice, and not quite as hot a day. 2:39 for about 18.

Today I met up with Dena and Amy on the towpath once again. They only did about 5, but I managed to do 20, including an elusive, of late, end-of-run tempo. So I'm happy about this one, but now I feel like I may be getting a cold. Taking zicam.

Yesterday we had Dave and Carol, and Kathy, Mike and Jessy along with Mom for chicken on the grill.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Fair and DRS Posts

We went to the Medina County Fair with Mom today. It was nice, but hot! And the junk food was good and fatening as expected.

Here are a coupla DRS posts:

Fat Charlie the Archangel wrote:
A lady who was just over 40 was stating that her training hadn't changed,
but that her race times had slowed. John Barbour (I believe) answered her
by saying that she should do what she's probably been unwilling to do -


Mr. Jim Craig used to say "Jes mo' miles" - that for folks like us (yes, I'm
lumping myself in with Mr. Craig; I hope he doesn't mind, but we usually run
around the same times in the same races) - that for folks like us, the only
way to get faster is to run more miles.

some stuff removed...
Have any of you smart folks heard that we old folks should run LESS as we
get older? I've always sort of assumed that it was a Red Queen's Race - that
I'd have to keep running harder and harder to stay in the same place.

RW, RT, and all the other experts are always telling us how to run less, that we need to run less, that the older you are, the less you should run, that less is more, etc., etc. But there are a few contrarians out there. I think Coach George is one of them, and apparantly Mr. Jim Craig is too. I happen to mostly agree that it helps to run more, although there are other ways too.

It sure seems to me like I've been working harder to stay in the same place as I get older. I have increased my mileage some. I can't convince myself that I'd get better by running less. I just can't. And I don't subscribe to running publications in order for them to tell me how to run less. I want them to tell me how I can run more.

Also,,, I think we've hit on another recurring dead thread: improvement through higher volume. The prevailing concensus seemed to be that improvement can occur by adding more volume, up to about 70 miles per week, but it also helps to increase intensity as well. Once you reach 70 mpw, more volume in and of itself won't help you improve.

ORN: 10 slow, sweaty miles with Dave on the 'ole Broadview Heights/Brecksville/Richfield loop.

Dan Horvath


Coach George the Contrarian, as expected and as always, made a very good argument for hard work and against the less is more theory.

One area where I'm reluctantly starting to agree with the established experts, however, is that we runners need more rest as we age. Trying to rest more, while keeping the volume up, of course, creates a problem.

I've attacked this dilemma by trying to take an extra rest day per week, whilst running somewhat longer on the days that I do run. I've also mostly eliminated two-a-days. The result is that I've kept my weekly mileage about the same, but now usually have two days completely off per week. I don't think this has hurt me; at least not much.

In my best running years, my late 30s and early 40s, I averaged about 2,800 miles per year. My weekly mileage would fluctuate pretty wildly, from 80 to 90 some weeks, to 30-40 others. It was mostly in the 60-65 mpw range during my most intense training weeks. And I think I averaged just below 8mpm for all the miles, although that fluctuated wildly too. Now these last 5 years or so have been different: I've done about 3,200 miles per year, with less fluctuation week to week. I do still try to take an easier week once per month or so. So I'm typically averaging 5-10 more per week, week in and week out. And now I'm doing them slower: just over 8 mpm.

The results? 10-15 years back, I was doing 10K's around 38 minutes and marathons around 3 hours. Nowadays I'm often a minute or two slower in the 10K, and 10 or so minutes slower in the thon. Slower, but not toooo bad. Yet. This is not to say that I don't think I'll ever get back to my former levels. I'm a legend in my own mind. Seriously, there's a MUCH greater correlation between my weight and my race times than there is between my age and my times. Or even, I think, my training and my times.

I'm pretty sure that the increased mileage is helping and not hurting me. Am I working harder to just stay at the same level. Hmmm. Mebbe.

PORN: Today is one of my two off-days. I'll run long tomorrow, and again on Sunday. I only wish this miserable long hot summer would come to a crashing end.


Dan Horvath

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Today's Run - 08-02-07

Easy does it today - I did Dave's 10-mile loop with him in about 86 minutes. This heat makes it tough. Not to mention the last few runs.

Constant heat. 85-92 each and every day. Can't take much more of this.

Mom's coming to stay with us for a few days tonight.

Not gonna go on the cruise that Iris and Mike found because the price went up significantly. Looking into other cruises now, including some repositioning ones.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Today's Run - 2007-08-01

Another pretty good run today. It was warm, but not too very humid. Maybe low 70s. I started slow, but wanted to get a tempo run in, so I headed over to the track. There I did 3 nice consecutive 6:40s for a 19:52 tempo. Decent pace back, and I finished the 10 in 77 minutes. Not bad at all.

Hinckley is Back

Okay, okay. Hinckley never really left. But a lot of us did; we hadn't been meeting there for our Sunday morning runs for quite some tim...