Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday visits

The kids have been in, and it's been fun. Thursday Debbie made a good vegan dinner for Veronica and Barry. Friday, after Dan and Valerie's delayed arrival, we all went to Sweet Mango for dinner and then opened presents. Yesterday we all went to the Akron Art Museum for a look at the Norman Rockwell exhibit. I think we all enjoyed it, even to the extent of exceeding expectations. Last night Kathy, Jessy and Mike brought soup and we had a soup party.

Today everyone's going home. I've now dropped them off at the airport, and we'll be taking off ourselves for Florida.


That's for the year. Pretty good total, but I think it's my slowest year ever. And the racing wasn't great at all. All's well that ends well, and my last two were very good (Inland Trail Marathon in 3:14) and great (JFK50 in 8:27 or whatever). So I'll take it (the year) and hope for a better one in 2008.

My PF hasn't gotten worse, and it may be a bit better. I'm trying to not let it get any worse. I do plan to run a lot in Florida and in Hungary.

Today's 11 was solid, strong, and steady. 86.5 minutes on the new subs route. Not quite a tempo run for 2-4, but ok nonetheless.

Yesterday I did 11 with Dave on the muddy towpath.

My next run will be in Florida in 2008.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Recent Running

10 on the mill Sunday, and then 10 with Dave on the parkway (we met where the parkway crosses 82), and then 11 today at the same place. It's nice running there - we mostly use the bike path, and can head into some out-and-back places.

I'm still feeling the PF. Not bad, but I'm a bit concerned. Been sleeping with the boot, but I usually rip it off in the middle of the night.

Mom and Family

We were eating breakfast on the 23rd and Debbie noticed mom was having trouble eating. We realized that she couldn't use her right hand or arm. And her right eye was drooping. Debbie gave her a baby asperin and got her dressed and we drove her to Southwest General. She was doing much better by this time (the asperin really did the trick) but they had to do a cat scan, blood tests and an ekg. The diagnosis was a minor stroke. Quite a scare, but she seems fine now. Asperin every day now, and we've got to watch her in case of other strokes.

Party at Sandy and Nancy's last night. About like usual. Fun, big, loud, good food, crazy people. Mom had a great time, and Dave and Carol spent the night rather than drive home.

Today (Christmas), it's over to John and Jill's for more partying.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Today's Run and Other Stuff

I did 3 on the mill, and then 18 with Dave and Amy. We had to do the roads because the towpath and other trails were full of mud, ice, slush and snow. Even on the roads, we only managed a 9:45 pace. Don't know why these runs are so durn slow.

Debbie and I did the air for my Budapest trip. It was changed from Bucharest. That's good, but the bad part is leaving from Florida.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Do Believe This Dreadmill Running is Helping

I managed to get outside today, and I also managed to run long today (no more calls, just lotso work). It went well: 20 miles in 2 hours, 55 minutes. I would've liked for it to be faster, but at least it was steady.

I do believe that all that dreadmill running I've been doing (6 and 4 at MP yesterday, 7 at MP Sunday) is helping.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

recent running

lots of mill miles during the week. this is mostly because I started work at 5am and didn't have any other time. today I did 3 on the mill and then a short, slow 17 on the hills and trails with Dave in Brecksville res.

Dave, Jill, Amy and Brett are coming over this evening. We're in the middle of a snowstorm however.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

pizza and today's run

I made pizza for last night's get together with Iris, Mike, Linda and Bob. It turned out good, but of course I had too much. And of course we all had tons of laughs as well.

So today of course it took way too long for me to actually get going into my run. I managed 2 on the mill and then 9 outside, up towards north park, around ganyard and back. Not bad running - most miles were about 9 min, but the last few were much better - but too little of it before it started to get late.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

today's run and other stuff

other stuff first:

got a new printer and office chairs. also took mom out to sweet mango last night - really good food.

bin really really busy with work. hard to keep my head above water.

I'll call it 19 on the towpath with Dave and Amy today. We started from 2nd sole in the valley in order to hit their sale afterwards. The towpath was covered with about 3 inches of snow, so it was slow going. Gotta decide on this 50-miler next weekend.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

it's been cold, and i've been a wimp

so i've been running on the mill. 12 with 1-mile intervals today, 10 on Sunday. one of these day's i'll get tough again.

Saturday Dave, Amy and I hit the trails. I'm calling it 17 with them, combined with 3 on the mill, so a decent enough day.

the ole weight ain't so great. 158 last week (not bad) followed by 161 and then 162 (bad) today. but there's hope. maybe after a couple good days, it'll be better again.

Went to see "Aunt Ida" Sunday with Mom. Met up with Iris and Mike and their Moms. Everyone enjoyed the nostalgic Dick Feagler play.

Saturday we went to the Ohio Challenge Series awards banquet, complete with wine from the winery and subway sandwiches. I was third, after they took 1st out for grand master award. I got a $10 subway card, a $10 Raisin Rack card, and $5 for Shearers snacks. We spent all but the Subway card.

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