Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend and Early Week Running

Saturday I ran with Amy and Dave on the roads. Too much snow on the towpath. It was fairly usual - 18 miles at 9 minute pace. some hills. Not too bad.

I had hopes of running long, fast, or something on Sunday, but I was sooo tired, I could only do 2 miles. Poor showing.

It was going to be an easy week anyway. So yesterday I did manage 11 at 8 minute pace. Not bad, but it was tougher than it ought to have been. Today I stayed on the mill and did 2 3-mile tempos at 6 minute pace. Just like last week. Not perfect, with a bit of holding on, but very good running in general.

Val's Visit

Valerie came in Friday morning, and we had a fun weekend. Lots of shopping and eating. We also went to see Paul Runevitch in "Guys and Dolls" in N. Ridgeville. As the weekend progressed, the shopping and eating grew more intense. We ate most of the meals at Kathy and Mike's due to his allergies. We even made livance.

Next comes Veronica's place for next weekend.

And tonight it's Wicked. And I think the weather will be too - we're having a BIG snowstorm.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

recent running

As I said, no time for anything but work and running. Yesterday I had a cancelation, so I had a bit of time in the morning and managed 11 miles out in the cold and blowing snow. There was only about a 1/2 inch, but the cold wind and couple slippery spots made a difference. Still it was a good solid run - the 6 mile east loop at 8 minute pace, then 5 more nearby at 7:30 pace.

Today was a different story. I babied myself yesterday with the hope that today would also be a good run. I needed the speed, and didn't have much time, so I stuck to the mill. I did my 10 x 1200 workout, but it didn't go nearly as well as last week. I was just out of it - dizzy and tired - not fully awake or engaged. They can't all be gems. The weight is looking very good - 157 yesterday and 155 today.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some social life stuff and recent running

Dave and Jill invited us to go to Sokoloski's with them Friday. Good family friendly place for them. I ate too much, as expected.

Saturday's run was pretty good. It was with Dave and Dan Fox this time. Some on the towpath, some on the Bike and Hike, and some on the roads. The snow made the trails tough. And we also tackled Bedford Res. Hill. I forgot how tough that was! 18 altogether at a bit over 9 minute pace. The roads were faster than the trails of course.

Today I did 13 outside in the cold (low 30s) miserable rain, and then 7 on the mill. It wasn't the greatest day for running, but ok considering yesterday.

Debbie and I met up with Rita and several other NeoDeads at Ari's. We didn't show up to walk or run because I'd already run, and because the weather was bad. But it was great to see everyone.

Friday, February 15, 2008

More on (or moron) Work, Life, Running

Work is only a bit less crazy. Still not enough time to keep up with anything else. I really really need to get away.

We went to Madd Chefs the other day for Valentines Day, and it was very good. No time for much else.

For the last two weeks, probably half my miles have been on the mill. This is due partly to bad weather and partly to having no time to get dressed up for outside. I think my running is getting a bit better though. My weight is slightly down to 157 - not too bad. I'm working at it with ww. Saturday's run with Dave and Amy was a good one, as Dave and I finished very strong. Tuesday I ran long on the mill, and it was also a good one. So things are slowly coming around.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

work, social life and running

I put in 16 hours over the weekend, and am still going during this workweek. Last week it was 3am counts; this week it's 5pm to midnight. I can't wait for it to end. Of course then I'll be concerned about not having enough work.

Had a lot of laughs with the Zielinskis and Rafalskis on Saturday night. Valerie is coming in in a week and a half.

Running's been ok - but it's been mostly on the mill. Sunday I did 5 on the mill and 3 outside. Yesterday I did 7 on the mill, including some hills. (need to start working those in.) Today I had some time so I did 2 on the mill and then headed outside, only to get caught in a thunderstorm. I only did 5 outside, but then did 10 more on the mill, including some speedwork. So it was a decent longish run, along with some quality.

Debbie and I have been WW'ing it. Doing fairly well - I've lost 2 - 161 down to 159. Need a lot more however. But I'm sticking to the plan.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Work and Running

I was worked to death last week - 3am starts, 6pm finishes. I'm now way behind, with not much time this weekend to catch up. And next week won't be much better at all. I'll have 5pm to midnight counts.

Of course all that took a toll on my body, with awful sleeping and less running than usual. I did manage to get 10 in on the mill on Wednesday, including 8 x 1200 @ 4:50 or so. Not so bad there. Thursday evening I met Dan Fox and Dead visitor Joel Barnum for a downtown run of 6 miles. going thru the flats was neat. Today I'm heading for the towpath for my long run.

Hinckley is Back

Okay, okay. Hinckley never really left. But a lot of us did; we hadn't been meeting there for our Sunday morning runs for quite some tim...