Sunday, July 31, 2005

Today's Long Run - 2005-07-31

Best long run since the marathon in May. This was Very encouraging. Felt good the whole way, even though the heat is returning.

22 miles - 2:55:30. Several stops as I kept looping back home for h20 and gatorade. Steady pace for all the loops.

Also - found out last night that Jill G. is pregnant. This is good news. We were at a family gathering in Little Italy when she told us.

Also Also - just tried out the new manual lawn mower. Worked well, but the grass wasn't too high.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

BT50K Volunteering and Today's Run - 2005-07-30

Since I wasn't going to run it, I volunteered to help at the start of the BT50K. It drove me completely nuts to be there and not be able to run. Still, it was nice to see everyone, and to be useful.

I did run on the towpath with Dave, Brian and Andy afterwards. I was a bit worried, but the calf was just fine. We even had a decent pace. The nice weather helped.

Only 12 miles though. I'll probably try to do 20 tomorrow if I'm still doing well. The weight (161) is back up there.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Recovery (I hope)

My calf is still tight, but it feels a bit better. Of course the real test will be to run on it. Gonna take today, as well as yesterday, off. We'll see about the weekend. I may watch the BT50K.

More recovery: Finally got a partial solution to the computer problem: a parallel install of windows. This was Microsoft's big idea. Can't get the network working, so I'm uploading pics to FTP and downloading them back to this laptop. After all this I will reinstall windows completely.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Calf Problems - 2005-07-27

My right calf has been hurting for a week or so now. I hope it's just a muscle pull and not something worse - like a stress fracture.

It's finally starting to cool off - only low 70s with light rain and still high humility for this morning's run. It's supposed to cool down a bunch from now on. Still, the humility got to me big time. That and the calf problem.

I thought things would go well when I weighed in at 158 - the best in months. But I knew during that first rep that this would not be my day. I wanted to do the usual 3 sets of 1600, 1200, 800. I only got through 2, even though I tried to start the 3rd set. The calf and the humility were just too much.

I guess I should be happy to do as much as I did. The reps were slow (6:37,4:56,3:12,6:38,4:54,3:11), but not a total disaster.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Other Stuff - 2005-07-27

Saw Mom. She wore a sweater on the hottest day of the year - 95. "It may be cold in Marc's." Saw former neighbor Paula Horvath, Mom's current neighbor, Kousin Kathy (at Chicago Deli), Allan Runevitch (at Best Buy).

Bought a sound system from Best Buy. Complicated deal - seems like a good one, but not entirely sure. $800 or so. Also got exaust fan & heater from Lowes.

Still working (for the past week) with Microsoft on the broken computer. Taking hours and hours and hours.

Today's Run - 2005-07-26

I ran with Dave on our usual 10-mile route. Uncomfortably warm (74) and humid again as usual. It was a slow one - 85.5 minutes. My calf is still very sore and tender. It is a bit better than Sunday though. Don't know whether to take tomorrow off to try to get it healed better. We'll see.

I've also got to decide about the Buckeye Trail 50K. Still leaning against it, but haven't ruled it completely out.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Went to Kathy and Mike's yesterday for a barb-b-q with Mike's family. They were a hoot - especially Rich.

- Marlene asked if we all remember the "Waffle Man" coming around in our childhood years like the ice cream man. When an ice cream truck came through the hood, Mike pretended to go out to buy something and came back with an eggo waffle.

- Mrs. Z said she often wakes up stiff. Rich said that would be a "good day" for him.

- Tony talked about an encounter with a ufo.

Lots of laughs.

20-20 running - 2005-07-24

I had wanted to do back to back 20 milers for a while. I'd been working up to it, but it's been tough with this heat and humility. Yesterday's somewhat hilly and trailly 20 was ok. Problem was that my calf has been bugging me. Could be a pull of some kind.

Today I ran well for 12 miles, but the rest was a stinker. My calf really started to hurt, and I almost quit at 16. But I went out for those last 4, and they weren't any worse than the previous 4. Could be a mistake to have kept going, but I'm also glad I didn't quit.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-07-23

Pretty solid run with Dave on the towpath with a little on the hike&bike and Old Carriage. Still tired at the finish, but way better than last week. The decent (although still warm) weather helped. I'm calling it 20; several of the TP miles were in the 8 to 8:15 range.

Good news: 159 for two days in a row.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-07-22

Not a bad 5-mile jog around the neighborhoods north and south of 303 today. It's always good to be able to hold an 8 minute pace anymore. Still achy and sore - probably from Wednesday's speedwork. More good news: I weighed in at a slim and trim 159.

Non-running news:

Been busy in the basement - working on wiring and figuring out the theater situation.

Debbie is headed to Cedar Point.

I need to get going on the Boston article.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Running - 2005-07-19 and 2005-07-20

Yesterday's run with Dave was ok - we did our 10-mile loop in an average time of 83.5 minutes. It was hot and humid once again. I weighed in at a hefty 162 - the most in a long time.

Today was much better. My first attempt at speedwork in a couple weeks. And it was surprisingly successful. Still slow, but I made it through. Nicer weather helped, but the pollution from the adjacent road construction didn't.

8x1600 in an average of 6:33.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Went to See Mom

Went to see Mom. Same story - shopping at Marc's and then over to Bob Evans for lunch. It's great that she's so happy to see me all the time.

Monday, July 18, 2005

More on (or is it moron) running - 2005-07-17 and 18

This weather has been unbelievable. It's been either terrible heat or terrible humility or both every day for weeks. Usually both.

That was the case yesterday, when I attempted a second long run on consecutive days. Wanted to do 20, but only made it to 18. It was mostly ok, but the last few were at a slog pace, so I decided not to do the whole enchilada. The deer flies tormented me the whole way. Note to self - stay off the country roads in weather like this.

Today there was more oppressive weather. I just jogged 5 around the neighborhood, and then one more in the new Nike Free shoes.

Indian Cuisine

I usually can't get Debbie to try Indian food, but I thought if Dave and Jill invited us to go to such a restaurant with them, she'd go. They did and she did, and it was good stuff. We went to Jaiper Junction, ate on plastic plates and the food was really really good. Debbie said it was "pretty good".

Afterwards we all went to East Coast Custard for ice cream for the 4th consecutive day.

Debbie and I watch Kinsey after that. Not a bad movie. Very thought provoking. But not quite as good, overall, as Million Dollar Baby, which we saw the other night.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

West Side Market

Debbie, Kathy and I went to the West Side Market today. Wound up buying stuff to make shishkabob for this evening, as well as other goodies. What a great cultural experience. Too bad the ladies forgot their burkas.

Today's Long Hot Run 2005-07-16

Good thing I'm taking things easy, because if they were any tougher they'd kill me. At least I didn't have the benefit of suffering alone today - I ran this long one with Dave and Brian. 75-80 and unbelievable humility. Buckets o sweat. 19 or so miles in 2:43. Couldn't have gone a step more.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Another Long Run - 2005-07-12

In typical Dan fashion, I woke up about 3am in Minneapolis, tried to get back to sleep, couldn't, got up, made coffee, and stumbled out the hotel door at 3:52am for my long run. Since I was up, it might be a long one.

I've done the Minneapolis "Grand Round" two or three times in the past. It links up two of my favorite 15 or so mile courses - along and around the chain of lakes, and along the Mississippi. In the past I've called it 21 or 22 miles.

It was warm (74), but I managed a strong finish (last 7.5 in 55 minutes) to complete the whole thing in 2:50.

Not bad. This will be my only run until my next long one on Saturday.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-07-09

40 miles in 3 days. With one day off in the middle. That's 21 Thursday and 19 this morning. Not bad - I've done more, but it's a start. On my Tahoe Training that is. Only one problem: I've gotta do 78.6 miles in three days at altitude. I'm supposed to be taking it easy, and I am taking more days off. But so far, the mileage is about the same. Next week will be easier.

It was a glorious morning here in NE Ohio. Bright sun with temps in the 60s. Cool at the start of the run and warm, but not humid, at the finish. Lots and lots of other runners, bikers and walkers were out on the towpath. Maybe more than I've ever seen at any one time.

Dave and I started in Peninsula, one of my favorite parts of the entire planet. We ran south from there, and ended up doing some parts of the towpath that we've never done before. Got into Akron proper, and even discovered that the old running store in the valley, which had been out of business, had reopened as a Second Sole. Of course by that point the towpath is no longer wooded, but winding through strip malls and busy streets. That was about the turnaound point anyway.

Took us 1:20 to get down there; 1:16 to get back. I was pretty shot, but we kept to the 8:10 or so pace most of the way. Dave did an extra mile or so afterwards.

We drove down to Second Sole after the run to check out the wares. That was a long ride! Dave bought some Asics Nimbus' and I got talked into the new Nike Free. "Not a shoe, but a training tool." We'll see.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-07-07

Looks like I'm taking two days off this week, and maybe three next. God knows I'm burned out and need to do something different. I thought that I had been taking things easier - what with reduced mileage, etc. But after these recent races, it sure don't look like it.

On the other hand, I need to begin training for my late summer marathon, and more importantly, the Tahoe Triple. So today I went out to do 20 and wound up with 21.

It helped that it was a nice morning (not too hot), and I found a good place to run (W. River Rd for about 9 of the miles) - low traffic and nice screnery.

I did slow down for the last 5 or so, but this was a nice long run.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-07-05

I ran with Dave on our usual 10-mile loop. Did it in 84 minutes, which is about average. The ole legs were tired and sore from the previous day's racing.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Medina Twin Sizzler Race Reports

I was running a bit late, but thought I had enough time. The 5K began at 7:45; the 10K at 9:15. I arrived at the Medina YWCA for their Twin Sizzler Races with about 15 minutes to spare. No problem.

Except that there was *nobody* around. Where the heck was the race? Since the YWCA was the organizer and benefactor, it would've made too much sense to have it there. I drove on to the Medina town square - the third choice would be the high school. I saw runners about at the square, so that was the place. I parked the car, sprinted over to the registration area, registered for both races, sprinted back to the car to drop off the shirt and other stuff, then sprinted to the 5K start. All within 5 minutes before the starting cow bell.

I got a kick out of the pre-race announcements:
"We will now have a drawing for a door prize"
(15 seconds of silence)
"We will now hear a few words from our mayor"
(2 seconds of silence)

*I*, who had just arrived, was still pinning my number on, and only had it half-on when I had to get moving. It was hot and sunny, but I was trying to keep cool and save something for the 10K. First - mostly down hill - mile went by in 6:56. Second, mostly uphill mile went by in 7:06. I picked it up for the last one and finished in 20:35, so the last 1.1 was 6:32. As much as I hate to admit it, it may have been short - I didn't feel like I had picked it up quite that much. Especially with that last hill up to the finish. But it's about what I thought I'd do, so I'll take it.

Now came the 10K. Could I do sub-40? Last week's 42 was pretty bad; surely I could do better today, even though the heat was bad once again, and I had just done that 5K. I tried to stay loose, but cool for the interim.

Unfortunately, it just kept getting hotter and hotter. At least there were no mishaps at the start this time. Got through the first mile in 6:39. Not too bad, but I needed to pick it up just a bit. Second mile: 7:09. Oh Oh. That was nearly all-out. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the race. Third mile: 7:03. (1st 5K was probably about 21:30 or so) Sub-40 is completely out the door. Maybe I could still improve on last week's 42 though. All I'd have to do is pick it up. But my legs and the relentless sun said nothing doing: miles 4 and 5 were 7:06, 7:21. I was once again able to pick it up just a bit for the last 1.2 for 8:10, and a finishing time of 43:31.

Seems like the more I try to get faster, the slower I become.


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-07-03

I met with fellow NEODeads Laura, Bob, Rita and George for another very nice run through Rocky River Reservation today. It was the perfect summer morning - not too hot or cold - just right. And it was good to be doing something I enjoy - running - with my great friends. As another NEODead often says, "Life is Good".

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