Thursday, August 31, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-08-31

I did 2 to get the paper, then read and had some coffee with Greg. When he went off I did the presidents 3 in a decent 22.5 minutes. Gotta get to work now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today's Run and other stuff

Talked to Val last night. Plan is to have the wedding in Chicago and invite immediate family from here. Then have a "party to celebrate the marriage" here. Details to follow.

Greg and Dot are coming to visit today. Debbie is getting the house ready. Then Dave and Carol are coming on Friday in order to get to Dayton on Saturday.

Today's speedwork was good but not great. I was hoping to get all the 1600s under 6:20. The last 2 were good (after a goo) though. 6:18, 19, 20, 20, 17, 21, 16, 14. Average: 6:18. Still warm these mornings (67).

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-08-29

I did 2 on the mill in 15 minutes before heading over to Dave's. So far, so good.

Then we did the usual 10-mile loop and I felt really lousy. It was probably because of yesterday's speedwork and weights, as well as today's rain, fog and humidity. 83.5 minutes. Hope to be back with it tomorrow.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-08-28

A pretty good one today. Warm (70) and humid. Got over to the track and did 4 x 800 in 2:54, and then 4 x 200 in 35. Buckets o sweat once again.

Last night Jessy, Kathy, Debbie and I drove to the old neighborhoods to scope them out. Walked around a Slavic Village festival a bit too. Interesting evening.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cat Show and Today's Run

Went to the cat show with Amy, Brett, Dave and Jill yesterday. Had fun there, and then at dinner at Fiesta Jalepeno's.

Veronica stopped by for dinner on her way back from Michigan.

I did 10 on the mill today - was so tired, I didn't think I could get going outside at all. It was raining anyway. Buckets of sweat. But I managed to do a decent workout, with 2 3-mile tempos. Did the 10 in 72 minutes. Some holding on.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-08-26

Another oppressive day (70's, extremely humid), but Dave and I finished strong on the towpath for this long run. We also did the Old Carriage Trail earlier with Amy. I did 21 miles in 2:46, with the last five at MP. Very solid running.

Going to a cat show this afternoon.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Veronica's Visit and Today's Run

Veronica stopped to stay the night on her way to visit Michigan friends. We went to Sandy and Nancy's to say happy 50th to Sandy. We also reserved the banquet hall for the wedding and also visited Kathy, Mike and Jessy.

Today's running was ok - I did the across 303 3-mile loop twice - once in 24 and the other in 20 minutes. Was tired, but good to be able to do that sub-7 pace.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-08-23

For the second night in a row, I didn't sleep well at all. So with that, and with yesterday's long run, I was feeling mightily out of it today. But I somehow managed to stumble out the door and dizzily get 10 miles in - over to the track, 5 x 800, and then back, in a fairly respectable 81 minutes. The 800s were actually pretty decent: 2:59, 54, 55, 57, 56 for an average of 2:56.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Whale and Today's Run

Debbie and I unloaded the Whale yesterday. It was sad after 15 years. We took it to Cleveland Auto Clinic which is associated with a charity - the car will (hopefully) be fixed and then given to a single mother in need. I'm told that with this scenario, I can claim the blue book value for taxes.

The trip to Broadway and Harvard was an interesting journey down memory lane for Debbie and me. Holy Name church and elementary school are still there, but other areas were run down.

I went to bed with the attitude: "If I happen to wake up early, I'll do an extra 10 before Dave comes out." (This has happened before...) So of course I awoke at 2, got up by 3, and was running the first loop of Dave's neighborhood at 4. I done pretty good - 74 for the first 10, and 82 for the second 10 with Dave. Decent but not the greatest.

OTOH, I do think I'm getting to be in really good shape. I reserved a room for Columbus in October. But I'm still keeping the Towpath open.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Perfect 10-Miler

Expectations were not extremely high going in. I've had some good races this year, including a solid sub-40 10K last week, but I just wasn't feeling "fast" today. The humidity didn't help. Besides that heavy, thick air, it was breezy, cloudy, and about 70 degrees.

This is the third year of this race, and I'd done the previous two in 66 1/2 and 67 1/2 minutes, respectively. IF I could hold a 6:30 pace, I'd be able to shave some time off those other marks. But that would be a BIG IF.

I started off fairly easily, with 6:33 and 6:01 for the first two miles. I'm certain that that second one was short because, if anything, I slowed a bit during that stretch. Then I got into a rhythm, with 6:20, 6:21 and 6:44 miles to reach the half-way point in 32 flat. This was much better than expected, but a bit worrisome - could I hold this pace?

Having remembered that mile 6 is up a long, gradual hill (Belvoir Blvd), I didn't panic when I saw a split of 6:50. Mile 7 is back down the other side of the Blvd., and I picked it up quite nicely, picking off a few runners in the process. Thinking this split would be something like 6 minutes flat, I was slightly disappointed to see a 6:19. Perhaps it was long. Mile 8 included some more slight downhill running, and I did that in 6:14. I was getting pretty tired, but trying hard to hold my pace. Mile 9 was a 6:38, and the overall time was 58 minutes. Still not bad, but I'd have to run that last mile in 6 flat in order to be able to say I had negative splits. I tried to pick it up, but had reservations about whether I really did.

I crossed the line in 1:03:51. That last mile was a 5:48, the best of the bunch. Of course it was probably short, but I like to think that the overall course was an accurate 10 miles.

Unfortunately, some fast(er) geezer showed up, relegating me to second in my age group. I'm still very encouraged. It was my 3rd best 10-miler ever, although over a minute slower than my best ever. It's still my best in 10 years.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-08-19

Dave, Amy and I did 11+ miles on the towpath in the rain and mud. It was actually pretty nice, although sloppy.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Certified Measurement Specialist and Today's Run

Since I'm taking the Certified Measurement Specialist exam in September, I thought I'd better begin studying. The only study material appears to be the manual upon which the test is based: Guidelines to Software Measurement. I believe the best way to study is to take sample exam questions, but since there aren't any, I've started making them up. That's where I've been spending my time lately - other than visiting Mom yesterday.

Still working out wedding plans with Valerie..

I caught a cold - something to do with running the 24 on Wednesday and the trip to Michigan and all. Taking Zicam, and I think it's working; I feel better today so far.

I just ran 6 on the mill today, trying to take it easy. I did manage to do 4 of them at marathon pace, but I wound up holding on for some of that.

Going to see the Boston Pops with Iris tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vibe and Recent Running

In order to get the best price on a Pontiac Vibe, we found ourselves driving to Grand Rapids, MI to get it. Everything turned out as expected (and it's a nice car), so we then found ourselves driving over to Greg and Dot's for a visit and sleepover on the way back. Had a nice visitation.

Prior to the trip I ran a good interval session - 8 x 1600, averaging 6:19. A very solid run indeed. I took yesterday off, and then did the Lester Rail Trail 24 course this morning in 3:05:30, with the last 5 at MP. Another solid run, and one of my best long runs in a long long time.

Now I gotta study for that Measurement Specialist Certification exam.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

today's run and walk and tomorrow's drive

I did a few miles in the hood, and then drove to BVH to run with Dave. We did about 14 miles of trails along the parkway and into Brecksville Res. Very very nice running. The weather's been great lately.

Debbie and I walked at Hinckley and ran into (of all people), Kathy, Mike and Star. So we all walked together for a spell. Nice day for it.

Tomorrow we drive to Grand Rapids to get the car. And then we'll head over to visit with Dot and Greg.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Green YMCA Carribbean 10K

I had been wondering, but found out what was Carribbean about this race - a door prize of a Carribbean cruise for two. I didn't win. But I did run well. The 10K was two 5K loops. The weather was really great - 50s and 60s and crystal clear. The first 5K loop was a bit crowded because of the 5K runners. I did it in 19:48 and felt fine. Would I be able to continue? It suddenly became a lot more lonely for the 2nd go around. I tried to maintain that same pace. I guess I managed, because that time was also 19:48. Altogether I did the 10K in a very solid 39:37. I'm extremely pleased with that.

I think I may have been in 9th place. 1st in my AG. A good day's work.

Friday, August 11, 2006

car and other stuff

Had a very rough time getting our "refundable" deposit on the Prius back. Now we're buying a Pontiac Vibe in Grand Rapids for $8,000 less. Big difference. The Vibe will be much better than most cars on gas, but of course not close to the Prius. Monday should be interesting.

In order to buy this car we joined Costco.

Also working with Val on the wedding. We're having some diffuculties agreeing on things... Trying to work them out.

Today's Run - 2006-08-11

OK running today - 2 on the mill, then 9 on the roads and over to the track. Only 4 x 200 at the track, averaging 37. The run back was slow going.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

58 Degrees

O how I've yearned to have a day like this. It's been months, and today it happened; the temperature actually dipped below 60!

Yes, I made the most of it. I went to the track, took off my shirt and actually felt cold! What a sensation. Then I started my 3 x (1600, 1200, 800) workout. Things went swimmingly - I was running much better than I have in a long long time. That is until the football team showed up. Then there were too many people around and I had to cut the workout a bit short. Got through two sets and finished with one more 800. Still a great workout. I'm sure I coulda finished the other two repeats just fine. As it was I did two more miles on the road to cool down for 10 in 75.

Here are the repeats: 6:22, 4:44, 2:55, 6:19, 4:40, 2:55, 2:55 I'm happy that the 800s were so fast - that's where I was trying the hardest to concentrate.

I only hope this great weather continues.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

today's long run

I woke up early so I did my long run today. It was just a bit cooler (about 70) and I ran well. 4Mi splits: 32:15, 33:10, 31:34, 32:19, 27:24, for a 2:36:45. Pretty solid. Decent finish too - last 4 just under MP.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Today's Running - 2006-08-07

Today is 08-07-06.

Didn't feel well after all the traveling, and then I was hit by the heat - about 78-80 at 5am. But I ran well - 8 in 60 min, including a 3-mile tempo. After a short break, I went back out and did 3 more, again at tempo pace.

At lunch time I did yet another 3-mile tempo run on the mill.

Not a bad day of running at all.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Chicago trip and Recent Running

On Friday I did 2 on the mill before working, meeting with the financial planner and then driving to Chicago. The good news was the weight: back down to 154!

The trip itself was really hot and nasty. We were taking the Cavalier to give to Val and Dan, and with no AC, it was pretty rough. I was in the sun the whole way. Then we hit the traffic jams in Indiana and of course in Chicago. That made it really miserable. So happy to finally stop once we arrived.

Had a great weekend whilst there - saw King Tut and other stuff at the Field Museum, saw "Little Miss Sunshine", a great movie. Some nice dinners too, except for the service at one joint.

The great news is that they're engaged. The event will be next year, and once again, Debbie will be the planner.

Saturday morning I ran along the Chicago lakeshore. I didn't enjoy this aquite s much as I thought I would, probably because I was struggling so much. I was extremely tired and sore and was very dizzy. Even had to stop a bit. It was fairly warm too.

We took Megabus home. An interesting experience. Although we were late getting started, and also probably spent too much time at a lunch stop, Debbie and I were still enjoying the trip a great deal - especially compared to the outbound trip. It was comfortable and we could relax. Then the Megabus broke down on the side of the turnpike. We were there on the berm for about 45 minutes and in the process of arranging for Kathy to pick us up there (about 50 minutes out of Cleveland) when the driver suddenly did get it going again. We made it, but were almost 2 hours late.

Even with the troubles, I'd still recommend Megabus, and will take it again if necessary. The price is good and it's so nice to not have to drive and worry about traffic.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today's Death March

The plan had been to do the 20 yesterday, run easy today, and then try for another 20 on Friday. But then I woke up early again today and decided, why not bang out the 20 while I'm up? Bad Idea. Especially when it's 80F at 4AM, and I was still beat up from yesterday.

The first 4 down Substation were ok, but then it started getting ugly. Struggling back after those first 8, I decided that instead of going back down Substation for the second 8 like yesterday, I would head over to the track to get myself back on track, so to speak. I thought maybe I could make up for some of these slow miles by getting down to MP for 3 or 4 miles.

Didn't happen. I was lucky to do the 4 on the track in 33 minutes - that was my speedwork for the day. Getting back from the track was a real struggle.

4-mile splits: 32:11, 33:09, 36:17 (to the track), 33:00 (on the track), 36:02 (back)
Final time was 2:50:30.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-08-02

Woke up early, so I decided to get a long run in despite the heat. I got in a solid 20 (the 2 loops on Substation and last 4 on president streets route), despite the ridiculous 79F and humid weather. Here are the 4-mile splits: 32:43, 32:14, 31:47, 32:09, 31:19.

With all these buckets o sweat and starting back on the WW diet, you'd think I'd be a skinnie minnie, but at 157 I still have a ways to go.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Other life stuff, and today's run

Had the cookout with the family the other day. Watched a couple movies too. Debbie took Mom to the dentist yesterday. It's getting tougher to take care of her, and she does need more and more care.

Debbie and I are trying to plan a trip to Hawaii for the end of January. It's tougher this time around - we got the air to HNL, but may have to pay for interisland. It's also tougher to get the hotels using the points - they all seem to want me to pay for upgrades.

This weather is truly awful. Supposed to be 95 today. I ran the usual 10 with Dave, and then walked with Debbie and almost passed out.

Hinckley is Back

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