Saturday, August 12, 2006

Green YMCA Carribbean 10K

I had been wondering, but found out what was Carribbean about this race - a door prize of a Carribbean cruise for two. I didn't win. But I did run well. The 10K was two 5K loops. The weather was really great - 50s and 60s and crystal clear. The first 5K loop was a bit crowded because of the 5K runners. I did it in 19:48 and felt fine. Would I be able to continue? It suddenly became a lot more lonely for the 2nd go around. I tried to maintain that same pace. I guess I managed, because that time was also 19:48. Altogether I did the 10K in a very solid 39:37. I'm extremely pleased with that.

I think I may have been in 9th place. 1st in my AG. A good day's work.

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