Sunday, August 06, 2006

Chicago trip and Recent Running

On Friday I did 2 on the mill before working, meeting with the financial planner and then driving to Chicago. The good news was the weight: back down to 154!

The trip itself was really hot and nasty. We were taking the Cavalier to give to Val and Dan, and with no AC, it was pretty rough. I was in the sun the whole way. Then we hit the traffic jams in Indiana and of course in Chicago. That made it really miserable. So happy to finally stop once we arrived.

Had a great weekend whilst there - saw King Tut and other stuff at the Field Museum, saw "Little Miss Sunshine", a great movie. Some nice dinners too, except for the service at one joint.

The great news is that they're engaged. The event will be next year, and once again, Debbie will be the planner.

Saturday morning I ran along the Chicago lakeshore. I didn't enjoy this aquite s much as I thought I would, probably because I was struggling so much. I was extremely tired and sore and was very dizzy. Even had to stop a bit. It was fairly warm too.

We took Megabus home. An interesting experience. Although we were late getting started, and also probably spent too much time at a lunch stop, Debbie and I were still enjoying the trip a great deal - especially compared to the outbound trip. It was comfortable and we could relax. Then the Megabus broke down on the side of the turnpike. We were there on the berm for about 45 minutes and in the process of arranging for Kathy to pick us up there (about 50 minutes out of Cleveland) when the driver suddenly did get it going again. We made it, but were almost 2 hours late.

Even with the troubles, I'd still recommend Megabus, and will take it again if necessary. The price is good and it's so nice to not have to drive and worry about traffic.

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