Friday, August 18, 2006

Certified Measurement Specialist and Today's Run

Since I'm taking the Certified Measurement Specialist exam in September, I thought I'd better begin studying. The only study material appears to be the manual upon which the test is based: Guidelines to Software Measurement. I believe the best way to study is to take sample exam questions, but since there aren't any, I've started making them up. That's where I've been spending my time lately - other than visiting Mom yesterday.

Still working out wedding plans with Valerie..

I caught a cold - something to do with running the 24 on Wednesday and the trip to Michigan and all. Taking Zicam, and I think it's working; I feel better today so far.

I just ran 6 on the mill today, trying to take it easy. I did manage to do 4 of them at marathon pace, but I wound up holding on for some of that.

Going to see the Boston Pops with Iris tomorrow.

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