Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-08-30

... was interesting. I had planned to get up early to run long, thinking about perhaps 4 before Dave came out to run at 5:15 for 10, and then 6 more afterwards. But I hadn't expected to see a time beginning with a "2" when I was getting out of bed. So I decided to get the first 10 in BEFORE Dave started. I did this by running our usual 10-mile loop beginning at about 3:58.

Got through in record time: 77:31. That may have even beat Dave's record. But - if it's only 10 miles, why aren't we doing 75 minutes or less? Today's warmth (70 or so) and extreme humility didn't help.

The problem was that I was pretty well shot by the time Dave came out. We started that 2nd 10 ok, but my fatigue soon began to show it's ugly face. I was really dragging for the last couple, and we finished in 87 minutes.

So Good and bad - yin and yang. I've planned to take tomorrow off since we're now being hit by Katrina. I then plan to do long runs on Thursday and Friday.

Monday, August 29, 2005


We visited with Val and Dan.

Went to Gino's East for pizza on Friday, then went to see Red Eye.

On Saturday Val, Mom and I went to the art museum. Enjoyed the French Impressionist stuff as well as the miniature room designs.

Ate dinner at Rosebud, then went to the top of John Hancock.

A fun but stressful weekend.

Dan's Running 26Aug through 29Aug 2005

On Friday, 2005-08-26, I did a long run. Not just any long run, but a 25-mile long run. And it wasn't pretty at all. I came back after 14, and felt like quitting at that time. But no, I went out and slogged another 11 at about a nine minute pace. Altogether I did the 25 in 3:40:30. Don't know what it was - maybe the warm, humid morning, but more likely it was just getting back from MSP the day before, and running three hard 15's on Monday through Wednesday.

On Saturday I ran with Valerie along Lake Michigan. It was only about two miles, and it was very slow. But it was a very enjoyable run! The lake was beautiful, and there were tons of runners out. And of course I got to run with my daughter. We haven't run a whole lot together (maybe once) since she was a kid. Now she's an all-growed-up 25-year-old - a fully functioning adult, who happens to like to run.

Today I made it out to the Lester Rail Trail. It's a short 3 each way - I add on a bit to call it an even 6 round trip. I started easy and did the first 3 in about 25 minutes, picking it up a bit on the way back, including one sub-7 mile. The return was about 22 minutes. The second loop was to be a marathon pace run. I call anything under 7:00 pace that goes for 5 miles or more an MP run. I managed just under 7 minute pace for the first 3 (just under 21 minutes), then picked it up just a bit for the last 3 - 20:30 or so.

I saw 3 wild turkeys - a hen and 2 chicks!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-08-24

Best run of the week so far. This time it was the Minneapolis lakes route. I did it in 1:55 - a minute slower than yesterday, but it's a tougher course. The start was slow, but the middle and the last part were very fast. Included a tempo around Lk Hariett. No stops again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-08-23

I didn't feel any better than yesterday, but I musta pushed it just a bit harder anyway. I did the same Mississippi 15-mile course in 1:54 - 3+ minutes better than yesterday. Splits were 60, 54. Good 2nd half! It helped that I made all the traffic signals on the way back. No stops again. Toes are really beat up.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Basement Progress

Don't know how much I blogged about this lately, but we finished the insulation last week and began on the drywall. Didn't get a lot done due to Debbie's injury, but we did do some hard stuff - the bathroom and closet ceilings. The rest will be very easy. Heh

Yesterdays Travel and Todays Run - 2005-08-22

Yesterday I took Continental instead of Northwest due to their strike. I was mixed up about the departure time and wound up checking in only 15 minutes before departure. Departure was gate D14 - as far away as you can get in Cleveland. It was really tough to run with all my paraphenalia. But somehow I made it. It was nice getting in a bit earlier.

VERY nice and cool for today's run. The coolest (about 53F) in many months. The air felt great, but I didn't. I was still tired and sore. But I managed to still do ok for my run along the river - one of my usual courses. I did the first half in a very slow 61, and the second half in a decent 56.5 minutes. Hope I can recover for tomorrow's run.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Tahoe Triple Training - Twenty, Twenty, Twenty

Today was day three of my attempt at three long runs in three consecutive days to prepare (the will to win is nothing without the will to prepare) for the Tahoe Triple. Thursday and Friday were good; today was very good. It helped to run with friends. Training partners Dave and Andy accompanied me for today's sojourn on the towpath from Station Road Bridge to Hunt Farm (exactly ten miles) and back. It was warm and sunny, but cooler and shadier there in the Cuyahoga River Valley. Every little bit helps.

After making a few water stops, we reached Hunt Farm in 1:22. Picking it up just a bit ("Dan, are you varying your pace?") after the turnaround, we ran the second half in 1:17:30 to finish in 2:39:30. The last two miles were among my fastest, partially because I was trying, unsuccessfully, to keep up with Dave, who had originally asked that pace question.

Yes, I'm a bit beat up right now. But not much more than after a usual long run. Seven weeks to go, and I feel like I'm as ready as I can be at this point. I'll have to think of some new torture ideas between now and October.

Friday, August 19, 2005


She's doing much better, but she says it's still somewhat hard to breathe. That's still worrisome. Still don't know if we should have taken her in.

Tahoe Triple Training - Twenty-Twenty

Today was the second day of my attempt at three twenties in three consecutive days. This morning it was about 5 degrees warmer, and much more humid. I decided to run the exact same course: two 8-mile loops followed by a four.

I actually started a bit faster today, and was doing pretty decent. That is, until the humility got to me. The wheels didn't come off completely however. I wound up with the *exact* same time (2:44:30) as yesterday. Ain't the somethin'? The only thing different was the 4-mile splits:

08-18: 32:29, 33:30, 32:24, 32:31, 33:30
08-19: 31:52, 33:05, 32:15, 34:09, 33:09

What will tomorrow bring? I actually feel ok. A bit sore, but ok. It'll be a slightly different story, since I'll be running a different route along with one or more training partners. Should be interesting.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tahoe Triple Training - Twenty

Against the advice of Dave Hays, I've decided to try three long runs in three consecutive days. Today is day one.

Up at 3:20, out the door by four. The weather was decent, but, at 69F, not quite as cool as I would've liked. At least there wasn't too much humility. I don't like humility. As I've done on other occasions, I decided to do two 8-mile out and back loops, and then a 4-miler.

My back's been bothering me lately, but it wasn't too bad today. I managed to hold a steady pace throughout the run. My 4-mile splits were: 32:29, 33:30, 32:24, 32:31, 33:30. I finished in 2:44:26; not too bad, but I would've liked to have done it in 2:40. I like to think that I was just pacing myself for my next two twenties scheduled for tomorrow and Saturday.

So much for this installment of Tahoe Triple Training. I've still got about 6 or so weeks to go. What scares me is that even if I manage these three consecutive twenties, it'll still be only 60 miles in three days, whilst I'll need to be able to do 78.6 at altitude when October rolls around.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Debbie Fell

Debbie slipped and fell on the basement stairs today. She didn't fall all the way down, but she hurt her ribs and hip. We're hoping nothing's broken. It hurts her to breathe, so that's worrisome.

My back is better today. Very little pain all day - even in the morning.

We've been working in the basement. I keep thinking of things related to the wiring (like cable and phone) that need to be done before we complete the insulation.

Finally sent my Boston 100 article the other day. Glad to get that one done.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today's Run and Visit - 2005-08-16

Dave and I ran our usual 10 today in 83 and a half minutes. Seemed slower, but the cooler (63) weather helped.

I went with Debbie to her dentist appointment and to visit Mom. The usual - Marc's and Bob Evans. Debbie was glad to have my company. Mom's got a trip to the Niagra Casino tomorrow. We tried to make sure she's set for the trip. Hope it goes well.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dot & Greg

Dot and Greg came over to visit Friday and Saturday. We had a lot of laughs, and ate well. Went to Hinckley to walk a bit and up to Old Time Pottery.

Perfect 10-Miler - 2005-08-14

I've had a fairly awful year of running so far. With the possible exception of one little 5K, each and every race has been a disappointment in some way. I've now taken about a month off from racing in order to regroup. Today's race, the Perfect 10-Miler, would be an interesting test. Before the race, I managed to manage my expectations about as well as I could: go out at about 6:45 pace and try to keep from dying. Positive splits and slow finishes have been among my problems in the recent races.

It was extremely humid, but the heat wasn't overly oppressive. I started at said 6:45 or so pace, hitting the half-way point in 34:02. It was tough to catch my breath with all that humility out there. Would I be able to hold the pace?

The short answer turned out to be no. I ran mile 6 in 7:29. It was uphill, so I expected a slow one. Then I was able to pick it up for the last 4. They turned out to be my best ones: 6:40, 6:23, 6:39, 6:25. I finished in 1:07:40 - about a minute slower than last year, but I've decided to be very pleased with it. Pleased due to my strong finish and my place - 1st in the geezer division. All the faster geezers must've stayed home today!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Today - 2005-08-11

I was gonna take today off from running. But I woke up at 3:40 and thought, why not. I had been thinking that it would be tough to do this long run on Friday, and Saturday was out. But would I be able to do it after a speedwork 12, a 15 and a 15 on previous days?

I did, but it wasn't pretty. Actually, it was pretty slow. But I made it. And I finished faster than I started. So it was a good one - albeit still slow overall. It was the Grand Round course - 21 miles. It's fun, and I get a decently fast finish every time. This time I did the last 8 or so at about an 8 minute pace. Overall I did the 21 in 2:57.

Been a tough week, work-wise but it's going by fast. I probably won't get an early flight home. The Worleys are coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-08-10

Much better today. The weather was better, I felt better (an ibu helped), and the course (along the Mississippi) is easier for some reason - probably shorter. But I did the [15] in 1:53 with splits of 59 and 54. Not bad for being tired.

too busy to think

They're running me ragged again here at Target. It's really tough to keep it all straight in my head. Doing 11-13 hour days.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-08-09

A stinker today. I was tired and sore to begin with, but the first half went well. But it was extremely warm (79F) and humid, and it all took it's toll. This was my Minneapolis Lakes course, and it's always challenging. It sure was this time - I averaged about 7:30 to 7:45 for the first half, and 8 to 8:30 for the 2nd half. Finished in exactly 2 hours, but I sure was beat. And I also had to stop a few times - water, traffic, and just plain fatigue.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Today's Dreadmill Run - 2005-08-08

I'm in MSP and wanted to do some speedwork, so onto the mill I went. I got through it, but had to hold on a bit, so I'll give it a B-.

The details - 8 x 1600 @ 9.3 MPH (6:27). Total - 12 miles in 1:22:16.

Hope I can do this well at the 10-mile race this weekend.

It's hot & humid here in MSP. My flight was delayed for 1 hr+ last night due to NWA labor problem & slowdowns.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-08-07

Great run on the Old Carriage Trail with the DRS group - Rita, BobH, Greg, George, Tom. Seemed like much faster though. - 6 miles in 56 minutes.


Great run on the Old Carriage Trail with the DRS group - Rita, BobH, Greg, George, Tom. Seemed like much faster though.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


We went to the Medina County Fair with Kathy, Mike and Jessey. It was a lot of fun, especially the fair food and the animals. I was hot and tired though.

100 miles - 2005-08-06

100 miles in a week. Second most ever - and the other was the time I did 100 in a day! This was actually a good, enjoyable 20 - 14 with Dave and Brian on the trails and roads around Hinckley, then 2 more loops around the lake by myself. I usually don't do well by myself after running with the gang, but this time my last 6 were the strongest.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Today's Run/Other Stuff - 2005-08-05

Did 20 today - that's 80 for the week, and it ain't over yet.

Pretty interesting run. Some rain. Some heavy rain. Some little t-storms. Some big t-storms. Some scary t-storms. Decent enough given the conditions and mileage so far this week. Did it all in 2:40.

Saw Batman Begins - very good movie. Also went to lunch at California Salads. Very good lunch. About to cook pizza for the Zims.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Other Stuff

Debbie visited Mom yesterday - I was working.

I've been squeezing in time to write and to work on the basement wiring. Making progress in both areas. The article is coming along. I've asked 3 people to look at a draft. The basement is coming along too.

Today's Run - 2005-08-03

A good, solid speedwork session! Good and solid means I got through it. Times weren't extremely fast, but they were the most I could hope for. Now, if I can only improve on this. The details:

3x(1600,1200,800) times - 6:36,4:52,3:07,6:34,4:50.3:05,6:31,4:47,3:03
total workout - 10 miles in 75 minutes.

I've been back to about 158 lately.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today's Hot Sweaty Run - 2005-08-02

Just another sultry morning saw me and Dave doing our usual 10-mile route in 84 minutes. Buckets of sweat once again. Felt like we were running much faster. Can't wait till fall.

At least the pounds are back off - I was at 158 this morning - only 4 to go.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Today's Run - 2005-08-01

Didn't think I was going to do another long run today, but I woke up and did one anyway. I ran a fairly solid 18 today in 2:32:30 after yesterday's very solid 22. I think I'm on the upswing again - that calf problem was but a minor setback.

Just registered for the Perfect 10-Miler. That will be a good test. Kinda scary.

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