Saturday, August 30, 2008

PF Update - as of 08-30-08

I've been doing the boot and the exercises. I think these both help a lot. No pain at all getting out of bed. I can't help but think that this was all caused by the ASICS Nimbus (cushioned) shoes. I bought some Nike Air Structure Triax shoes, which seem to have a lot of stability, and a pair of Keen Sandals, which feel great. I'm working in them - they're wonderful for standing.

I ran in my 2130s today, and it was definitely better than the runs in the Nimbus'. Maybe there's hope.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Week of August 24, 2008

Sunday: I did 12 miles along the Chicago lakeshore in about 92 minutes, with negative splits. Nearly down to tempo pace. Some of the miles were on the dirt next to the all-purpose trail. Very nice running there. If I lived there, I'd be on that path all the time.

Tuesday: I have to work tonight, so I did my speedwork in the morning. And a good speedwork session it was! I ran to and from the track, and whilst there I did the old 10K training run - the one where I do 20 x 400 with 100 recoveries to make 25 laps total. It'd been a while for this one. I watch both the 400 meter times as well as the overall time. So today the overall time was a solid 44:18, and the 400 meter times averaged 92 seconds. It was a good steady workout with consistent quarters. I hope I can improve on this further, but it'll be tough.

Wednesday: 12 miles in 100 minutes. OK, but nuthin spectacular. The good thing, however, was the course. I wanted to do some dirt, and there just ain't that much around. By heading up to North Park for four and going around on the trails twice for two each and then getting back, I got my 12 in, but four of them were on the dirt trails there. It was a very nice course. I think I'll make it a keeper.

Thursday: It was cool and very damp (we severely needed the rain), so I stayed indoors and did more mill work. It wasn't too bad - 11 x 1200 at 4:44 (9.5 MPH). Buckets of sweat. I held on, but not terribly so. I weighted in at 154.

Saturday: This was the day for a long run on the towpath with Dave and Amy. Too bad it wasn't one of my better ones. Maybe it was the weather - warm in the 70s and extremely humid. I was hurting, big time, after 20, then Dave made me do one more. So we got 21 in, mostly at about 8:30 pace. Not the greatest.

The bad news is that I'm beat up pretty bad and I have a 10k coming up. The good news is that my PF isn't any worse. Maybe it's just the overall pain.


Debbie and I visited Valerie and Dan for the weekend. We went to the Greek festival (good music and food) and also attended the Jersey Boys performance. Everyone loved it. I thought it was pretty good. Good weekend overall.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The good news had been that my running has been going well and, not coincidentally, my weight is down. I could elaborate, but it's all there in the blog. The bad news is that the ole plantar fasciitis appears to be back. The bottom of my left foot had been hurting, but not in the same area. Me achilles area had been nagging me a bit on and off, but I didn't think much of it.

But then yesterday I really felt the classic PF. This is bad news. I'm fighting it with extra stretching and strengthening as well as the boot.

Monday, August 18, 2008

News Items

Here is a note I sent to Dave, Amy and Dena. Since it contains a few news items that I had not necessarily mentioned here in the blog, I'll paste it in here.

Hi folks:

1) I did the Perfect 10-Miler yesterday in a decent 66:10. I've now done this every one of the five years they've had it. If you want to read more, go to:

2) I recently joined the Medina County Road Runners, and I've run with them a few times, mostly for their Tuesday evening speedwork sessions. Friendly group.

3) Since my day-job type work is slow, I started working at the Medina Second Sole store in my spare time. If you're ever driving by, stop in to say hello. By the way, I'll keep you posted about sales and stuff. I should be even better informed now than ever.

4) I won't be there for Saturday's run once again. We're going to Chicago to visit Valerie and Dan. I DO plan to run with you guys the following Saturday (the 30th). I also plan to do a 10k in Alliance the following Monday. I need this break from racing...

5) But speaking of racing, I guess I should decide about Presque Isle on September 14. I'm sure Mr. Dave won't decide till the last minute, but I'll need to make up my mind myself pretty soon.

Week of August 17, 2008

Sunday: The Perfect 10-Miler. Check out the separate post on this. Jim F. and I did a cooldown run of over 4 miles, so combined with other cooling down and warming up, I'm calling it 17 altogether today.

Monday: 3 tired miles on the mill. I actually didn't feel as bad as I thought I would.

Tuesday: My first run of the day went well: 10 miles in 77 minutes, including a 4-mile tempo run at the track. The 3 miles to the track were slow ones, but the tempo run felt pretty easy. I think I could've kept it going. But I had to think about tonight's speedwork, so I stopped and headed home at 8 minute pace.

Tuesday night's speedwork went really well, despite my bout with PF (see separate post). Besides some striders and other warmup and cooldown stuff, we did 1600 (6:16), 1200 (4:28), 800 (2:55), 2x400 (85, 83), 2x200 (39, 36). That's movin'!

Wednesday: I took the day off. We did go for a nice long hike at Mohican State Park.

Thursday: Twenty-Six (26) solid miles today!. I started well before 4am and did the 16 mile course in 2:17 (just over 8.5 minute pace). Then after a short pit stop, I did ten more. It was three slow ones over to the track, four at the track (including 3 at under 7 minute pace), and three slow tired ones back again. Altogether this works out to 3:38 for the whole thing. Not my fastest 26, and I wanted a longer MP portion, but I was happy to have it under my belt.

Friday: 7 on the mill at a decent pace to complete the week. PF is marginally better.

Perfect 10 Miler

The Perfect 10 Miler has been run for the last 5 years now, and now including this one, I've done each of the 5. Here are my times for the first 4:

2004: 66.5
2005: 67.5
2006: 64
2007: 67

2006, of course, was my good year in recent history. 2008 has been shaping up fairly well recently. I've lost some weight and am down in the 154-155 range. My times are better than last year, with a couple 41 minute 10K's. With the tuesday speedwork sessions to boot, I feel like I'm on the upswing. This race would be a good test.

On the downside, I feel pretty well beat up much of the time. And the bottom of my left foot has been aching even more than the rest of it, and me. I tried to get some amount of rest before the race. But even so, I felt a little sore during my warmup.

With starting line temps in the 60s, it was warm, but not really hot. I'm fairly sure that I've always done negative splits at this race, and I wanted to do the same. So I started conservatively.

The first three miles were at 6:25, 6:39 and 6:35. Some of us missed a turn on the next mile but probably only lost a few seconds, but I'm not really sure. The split was 6:44. The next two miles (5 and 6) are on an uphill grade, and are usually slow ones for me. It turned out that they weren't as bad as I anticipated: 6:48 and 6:47. Half-way went by in 33:13.

At this point I was hoping to really pick the pace up. I'd been able to do that for past races, and I thought I could today. Sure enough, Mile 7 was my best at 6:07. But Mile 8, which is also downhill, was a disappointing 6:44. I had remembered that mile 9 was slow and tough, and it didn't disappoint. It was my slowest at 6:50. The overall time at this point was something like 59:45 Now I had to really turn it on to try to come in at 66 minutes or better. The best I could do was a 6:25 to finish in 66:10.

I believe this put me in 12th or 14th place overall. Something like that. And more importantly, 1st in my age group. Got a canvas duffle bag for that.

So this was my 2nd best of these, but nowhere near my first best. Still, it was a good indicator of my fitness. We'll see where it goes from here.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mom's Here

We've had Mom for the weekend. Did a picnic at North Park Saturday, and then went to dinner today (Sunday). Been watching a lot of the olympics.

Week of August 10, 2008

Sunday: It was the day after a race, so I didn't have my hopes up high for a great long run. But I decided to meet some folks from the MCRR that I'd met for a run on the trails at Hinckley. For some reason I arrived early and did two loops around the lake. Those were MUCH faster than expected, with loops of 23 and 20 (tempo pace) minutes. Then we (me, along with Ladd, Marsha, Chuck and Lilly) took to the trails. They were slow miles, but that was to be expected on the rough and hilly terrain. 2 hours, 44 minutes. I'll call it 17.

Monday: This was another one of those days when I almost didn't get out the door. I was just sooo tired. I finally did manage to get out to run 4 in 33, but had planned to do something more like 10 or 11. I got out again at lunch time for another 4 in 31. The bottom of my left foot hurts again.

Tuesday: I didn't want to run much in the morning, with the evening speedwork looming. But then I did wake up early enough to catch the Perseid Meteor show, so I went out to the 11-mile course. And I stunk up the joint. Could not get better than 9-minute pace, and even then I stopped to walk several times. Just never woke up. I did see 5 or 6 meteors.

In the evening I met up once again with the MCRR group for Tuesday speedwork. This time we just did 6 x 800. I averaged 3:05. Not too bad, but I'm still one of the slow guys in the group. These sessions are good for me though.

Wednesday: I thought this would be tough, and it was. I only wanted to bang out 4 on the mill. But I was, once again, sooo tired. I somehow did manage, and did weights too. I'll be better tomorrow. Weight at <155!

Thursday: The goal was to do a solid 11 with a tempo thrown in. Mission accomplished. My legs were still tired, but I managed just fine with the tempo and everything, completing the 11 in 84 minutes. The only thing was that I sort of tried to include a second tempo run for the last 3, and that didn't happen. I'll take it anyway.

Saturday: I met up with Rita, George, Bob, Laura and Bob at the usual haunt - the Rocky River Nature Center. We did the usual 6-mile run on the trails to Cottonwood and back. Nice day for it.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Green Carribbean 10K

I wanted to do something around 41 flat - about the same as last week. And I did. 41:04 - within 5 seconds. Better than last year but not as good as the one before. Good for 2nd in my age group and 11th overall. Not bad. Now if I can only improve on this..

More good news: I weighed in at 156 this morning. It was 155 yesterday.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Week of August 3, 2008

Sunday: Medina Double Trouble 10k. See the separate post.

Monday: 24 miles on the Lester Rail Trail. Felt like I was running through jello. I was tired, but not especially sore. I just couldn't get moving! Seems like this is always the case the day after a race. At least I got the long one in for the week. 6-mile splits: 54:42, 54:21, 52:40, 51:55. Total time: an agonizingly slow 3:33:40.

Tuesday: 3 slow, tired morning miles on the mill. Maybe I'll be able to do more later. The MCRR speed work is today.

Yes, I did show up for the first time for the MCRR speedwork at Claggett Middle School at 6pm. I figured that I'd be one of the fastest there, and the opposite turned out to be the case. But then, I was tired from all the previous running, and I did do better as the night wore on. We did a mile of striders, 4 x 200 @ 40 (as a relay race with teams of 2), and then 4 x 800 @ 3:11. It was good to get in with the bunch there. I think it'll help me.

Wednesday: 5 very tired miles at 9 minute pace. Couldn't be much slower.

Thursday: OK, this was a pretty good one. 14 miles in 1:48. Most of the miles were @ 8 min. or better, and I did a 3-mile tempo run at the track. A lot of good and bad (tired) running this week - lots of yin and yang.

Saturday: Green Carribbean 10K. See separate post.

Geneva On-the-Lake

We spent the day there on the beach, walking, and hanging out at the resort town. Cool place, even though it's a bit dated. The beach is small compared to Headlands, but it's nicer.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Medina County Road Runners Double Trouble 10K

I joined the MCRR. Gonna be part of an organization in spite of the fact that they will allow me to be a member. I'll try to show up for their Tuesday Track workouts.

The reason I signed up is that I participated in their race today. It was called Double Trouble because it is also a 2 x 5k relay. Of course I just did the 10k. It was nice and close.

It was a nice morning - fairly cool and not very humid. I probably started too fast, but I did feel fine. I did the first mile in 6:21 - right on for a 40 minute 10k. By the 5k half-way point, I was at about 20:15 or so. I thought I might still have a chance for a 40 minute day.

But alas. I was getting tired and slowing down just a bit. I hit 5 miles in about 33 minutes and then came in at 40:59 by my watch - 41 flat by theirs.

Yeah, 40 would've been great, but it certainly wasn't in me today. Even so, this was my best in 2 years, so I'm happy with it. Oh, and I placed well too. I think 6th or so. There were also some teams ahead of me. I was 1st in my AG, but not the first master.

Hinckley is Back

Okay, okay. Hinckley never really left. But a lot of us did; we hadn't been meeting there for our Sunday morning runs for quite some tim...