Monday, August 18, 2008

Week of August 17, 2008

Sunday: The Perfect 10-Miler. Check out the separate post on this. Jim F. and I did a cooldown run of over 4 miles, so combined with other cooling down and warming up, I'm calling it 17 altogether today.

Monday: 3 tired miles on the mill. I actually didn't feel as bad as I thought I would.

Tuesday: My first run of the day went well: 10 miles in 77 minutes, including a 4-mile tempo run at the track. The 3 miles to the track were slow ones, but the tempo run felt pretty easy. I think I could've kept it going. But I had to think about tonight's speedwork, so I stopped and headed home at 8 minute pace.

Tuesday night's speedwork went really well, despite my bout with PF (see separate post). Besides some striders and other warmup and cooldown stuff, we did 1600 (6:16), 1200 (4:28), 800 (2:55), 2x400 (85, 83), 2x200 (39, 36). That's movin'!

Wednesday: I took the day off. We did go for a nice long hike at Mohican State Park.

Thursday: Twenty-Six (26) solid miles today!. I started well before 4am and did the 16 mile course in 2:17 (just over 8.5 minute pace). Then after a short pit stop, I did ten more. It was three slow ones over to the track, four at the track (including 3 at under 7 minute pace), and three slow tired ones back again. Altogether this works out to 3:38 for the whole thing. Not my fastest 26, and I wanted a longer MP portion, but I was happy to have it under my belt.

Friday: 7 on the mill at a decent pace to complete the week. PF is marginally better.

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