Monday, August 04, 2008

Week of August 3, 2008

Sunday: Medina Double Trouble 10k. See the separate post.

Monday: 24 miles on the Lester Rail Trail. Felt like I was running through jello. I was tired, but not especially sore. I just couldn't get moving! Seems like this is always the case the day after a race. At least I got the long one in for the week. 6-mile splits: 54:42, 54:21, 52:40, 51:55. Total time: an agonizingly slow 3:33:40.

Tuesday: 3 slow, tired morning miles on the mill. Maybe I'll be able to do more later. The MCRR speed work is today.

Yes, I did show up for the first time for the MCRR speedwork at Claggett Middle School at 6pm. I figured that I'd be one of the fastest there, and the opposite turned out to be the case. But then, I was tired from all the previous running, and I did do better as the night wore on. We did a mile of striders, 4 x 200 @ 40 (as a relay race with teams of 2), and then 4 x 800 @ 3:11. It was good to get in with the bunch there. I think it'll help me.

Wednesday: 5 very tired miles at 9 minute pace. Couldn't be much slower.

Thursday: OK, this was a pretty good one. 14 miles in 1:48. Most of the miles were @ 8 min. or better, and I did a 3-mile tempo run at the track. A lot of good and bad (tired) running this week - lots of yin and yang.

Saturday: Green Carribbean 10K. See separate post.

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