Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week of August 10, 2008

Sunday: It was the day after a race, so I didn't have my hopes up high for a great long run. But I decided to meet some folks from the MCRR that I'd met for a run on the trails at Hinckley. For some reason I arrived early and did two loops around the lake. Those were MUCH faster than expected, with loops of 23 and 20 (tempo pace) minutes. Then we (me, along with Ladd, Marsha, Chuck and Lilly) took to the trails. They were slow miles, but that was to be expected on the rough and hilly terrain. 2 hours, 44 minutes. I'll call it 17.

Monday: This was another one of those days when I almost didn't get out the door. I was just sooo tired. I finally did manage to get out to run 4 in 33, but had planned to do something more like 10 or 11. I got out again at lunch time for another 4 in 31. The bottom of my left foot hurts again.

Tuesday: I didn't want to run much in the morning, with the evening speedwork looming. But then I did wake up early enough to catch the Perseid Meteor show, so I went out to the 11-mile course. And I stunk up the joint. Could not get better than 9-minute pace, and even then I stopped to walk several times. Just never woke up. I did see 5 or 6 meteors.

In the evening I met up once again with the MCRR group for Tuesday speedwork. This time we just did 6 x 800. I averaged 3:05. Not too bad, but I'm still one of the slow guys in the group. These sessions are good for me though.

Wednesday: I thought this would be tough, and it was. I only wanted to bang out 4 on the mill. But I was, once again, sooo tired. I somehow did manage, and did weights too. I'll be better tomorrow. Weight at <155!

Thursday: The goal was to do a solid 11 with a tempo thrown in. Mission accomplished. My legs were still tired, but I managed just fine with the tempo and everything, completing the 11 in 84 minutes. The only thing was that I sort of tried to include a second tempo run for the last 3, and that didn't happen. I'll take it anyway.

Saturday: I met up with Rita, George, Bob, Laura and Bob at the usual haunt - the Rocky River Nature Center. We did the usual 6-mile run on the trails to Cottonwood and back. Nice day for it.


Mr. Pythagoras said...

Hi Dan. This is the "other" Dan from the running club. I just found your blog through your profile on I happen to keep one as well. Though I only started mine this year. Keep up the training. See you Tuesday.


Dan Horvath and Debbie Horvath said...

Nice to hear from you, Dan. I enjoy those Tuesdays. Today will be a good test to determine if they're doing me some good.

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