Sunday, August 03, 2008

Medina County Road Runners Double Trouble 10K

I joined the MCRR. Gonna be part of an organization in spite of the fact that they will allow me to be a member. I'll try to show up for their Tuesday Track workouts.

The reason I signed up is that I participated in their race today. It was called Double Trouble because it is also a 2 x 5k relay. Of course I just did the 10k. It was nice and close.

It was a nice morning - fairly cool and not very humid. I probably started too fast, but I did feel fine. I did the first mile in 6:21 - right on for a 40 minute 10k. By the 5k half-way point, I was at about 20:15 or so. I thought I might still have a chance for a 40 minute day.

But alas. I was getting tired and slowing down just a bit. I hit 5 miles in about 33 minutes and then came in at 40:59 by my watch - 41 flat by theirs.

Yeah, 40 would've been great, but it certainly wasn't in me today. Even so, this was my best in 2 years, so I'm happy with it. Oh, and I placed well too. I think 6th or so. There were also some teams ahead of me. I was 1st in my AG, but not the first master.

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