Monday, August 25, 2008

Week of August 24, 2008

Sunday: I did 12 miles along the Chicago lakeshore in about 92 minutes, with negative splits. Nearly down to tempo pace. Some of the miles were on the dirt next to the all-purpose trail. Very nice running there. If I lived there, I'd be on that path all the time.

Tuesday: I have to work tonight, so I did my speedwork in the morning. And a good speedwork session it was! I ran to and from the track, and whilst there I did the old 10K training run - the one where I do 20 x 400 with 100 recoveries to make 25 laps total. It'd been a while for this one. I watch both the 400 meter times as well as the overall time. So today the overall time was a solid 44:18, and the 400 meter times averaged 92 seconds. It was a good steady workout with consistent quarters. I hope I can improve on this further, but it'll be tough.

Wednesday: 12 miles in 100 minutes. OK, but nuthin spectacular. The good thing, however, was the course. I wanted to do some dirt, and there just ain't that much around. By heading up to North Park for four and going around on the trails twice for two each and then getting back, I got my 12 in, but four of them were on the dirt trails there. It was a very nice course. I think I'll make it a keeper.

Thursday: It was cool and very damp (we severely needed the rain), so I stayed indoors and did more mill work. It wasn't too bad - 11 x 1200 at 4:44 (9.5 MPH). Buckets of sweat. I held on, but not terribly so. I weighted in at 154.

Saturday: This was the day for a long run on the towpath with Dave and Amy. Too bad it wasn't one of my better ones. Maybe it was the weather - warm in the 70s and extremely humid. I was hurting, big time, after 20, then Dave made me do one more. So we got 21 in, mostly at about 8:30 pace. Not the greatest.

The bad news is that I'm beat up pretty bad and I have a 10k coming up. The good news is that my PF isn't any worse. Maybe it's just the overall pain.

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