Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Long Run Before TP

Yes, I'm registering for the Towpath Marathon. The race is October 11. Today was my last long run: 24 miles in the cold rain. It wasn't too bad at all, even though I hate cold rain.

Got out at 4:30 and did the 11-mile loop in 95 minutes. Then the fun began. After a pit stop, I went back out, heading up to North Park. Arrived (4 miles in) in 33.5 minutes, ran around for another 8.5 minute mile and then did 10 more laps around the lake, averaging about 2:50 for the .36+ mile loops. Not bad. Got back at 8 minute pace to complete the entire last 13 miles in 1:44. Pretty strong and smooth the whole way. I'm happy with it.

The strange thing is that my sprained right hand is now swollen and sprained once again. It must be from clenching it whilst running in the cold rain.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


No, this isn't about the upcoming Chicago Marathon. No, this isn't about Chicago's bid to host the 2016 summer Olympics. It's only about a nice family visit, with Debbie and I driving over there to see Val and Dan.

Traffic was bad, and it was worse because we decided to save on tolls, thereby taking some less desirable routes. But we made it and went out for Chicago Pizza and a movie on Friday, and Mexican food and a play ("Fake") on Saturday night. We also went to the Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday (good for the laughs). All in all, it was a very nice visit.

I didn't run Saturday, but we did a *Lot* of walking around the city on both Friday and Saturday. Sunday I got out early, heading over to the lake from our Courtyard Hotel. Then I turned south and ran about 6 miles total before turning around. It was out in 51, back in 45. The sunrise, the lake and the Chicago skyline were all spectacular.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run

The NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run is becoming a full-time job. Luckily, I do have some time to devote to it these days. This is fun, but I'll be happy when it's done!
Check it out by clicking here. And check out the Cleveland Plain Dealer article.

Debbie and I managed to dismantle the counter tops and sink to prepare for the new counter tops. We've also been putting in the ceramic tile in the laundry room in preparation for the new washer and dryer.

Never a dull moment.

More Yassos, and a Long Run

Once again on Tuesday I found myself starting to do 10 x 800 at the track. My first two were just about like last week: both in 3:10. But with this week's heat and humidity and bugs (I guess they weren't midges, but they were still getting into my eyes, mouth and nose), it was tough. So there I was, really struggling, with eight more to go, when Frank showed up. Running those last 8 with someone else made all the difference. Yes, they were still tough, but I managed to get through them - something I may not have been able to do otherwise. I averaged 3:08 - just about like last week.

After some shorter stuff yesterday, I tried to get up early enough today to do 24 or so. Didn't happen - I slept in until 4:30. So ok, I probably wouldn't do 20, and I'd have to move it anyway. I did a few (actually four) on the mill before heading outside. That mill running included a 3-mile tempo run. The ten miles outside included a 3-mile tempo run consisting of 4 3/4 mile laps of the high school. When I got back home I was feeling beat, but I still had six miles to get up to 20. But traffic was getting bad, and I wanted a softer surface, so I hit the mill once again. And once again, I included a tempo run. So I got my 20 in, with some speed as well. But it really wasn't all that pretty.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey Naked Man

Yes, that was me. an on-coming high school girl yelled that at me as I was running the out-and-back Race with Grace 5k in Medina today. And yes, I deserved it. I showed up in my pretty pastel pink/lavender/blue women's small running shorts, and I had my shirt off. The result wasn't pretty. I also took some ribbing from my friends who probably haven't seen me in them, at least not for a while.

The hilly Race with Grace was hilly. And there were some hills too. So it was a tough 5k, but it was fun to be with the gang. After a warmup that consisted of running the course, and a slower start, I did the course in 20:25, and then we all ran the course again. I was pretty happy with the performance - I wound up first in my age group and won a rose bush.

Yesterday (Saturday), Dave and I and a few others ran the towpath from Station Road to Hunt Farm and back. That's 10 miles each way. We went out in 87 minutes, and then back in 77 or so. The best part was finishing the last mile in 6:30.

So it was another decent weekend of running. I'll take it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Appliances and Mom

A couple weeks ago we got our new dishwasher. After a couple very lousy attempts, I eventually got it installed. After spending $1,000, we determined that it doesn't clean dishes very well at all. Then we figured out why: it's hooked up to COLD water. The last one was too, but maybe that one heated the water itself fast enough not to matter. We are now using the temperature boost, and things are a bit better. I'll hook it up correctly one of these days.

And now we've noticed that the washing machine leaks all over the floor. It's old, so time for a new one. Also time for lots of research on the best to get. This ain't easy.

Finally, Mom's been here for a few weeks. She's doing fine, and she puts up with all our appliance woes. Debbie interviewed Mom for StoryCorps. The interview was placed on a CD and will be at the Library of Congress.

Terrible Tempo Training Try

After last week's terrific tempo training try, I was expecting something similar today. As always, I consider any run where I do 3 or more consecutive miles under 7 minute pace a tempo run. I did last week's tempo run during miles 2-4 of my familiar 11-mile route. When I tried to do it again today, it didn't happen. I *felt* like I was running fast, but I was slow by about 30 seconds over the 3 miles. My overall time for the 11 (87 minutes) was the same as last week's.

Now I should say that I did indeed have some terrific Tuesday track training the other day. I finally got up to 10 x 800, and averaged 3:09. The important thing is that they were consistent, and I got through the entire workout.

Other than a smattering of other slower runs, there you have it: terrible and terrific all in the same week. On the whole, howeve, I think things are looking up.

Plans are for a long run Saturday and then a series 5k Sunday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yes, It Was Interesting

I noted that I'd been running better, but that this weekend would be a test. Probably an interesting one.

And it was. Saturday I met Dave at his place and we ran a long route down into the valley, along the towpath and then back up the parkway. I was a bit concerned about that back up part. But I kept up with Dave, and we did just fine. It turned out to be about 20 and a half, and we did it in something like 2:57. Not bad, especially considering those huge hills.

Sunday was probably even more interesting. Ladd and Frank picked me up and we drove to Edgewater, arriving at 5am. We'd thought about doing 20, but had time constraints. We started slowly, but gradually picked it up. Then, as it began to get light, we started to run through some bugs. Then there were more and more of the bugs. Clouds of bugs. Bugs going into our eyes, ears, mouths, noses. Yechh. The problem subsided as the sun came up, but by then we were running out of time. We'd seen some other interesting stuff as well: a beautiful night sky and sunrise, thousands of seagulls, etc.

I did manage to run the final 4 of the .9 mile loops at a pretty good pace. Altogether I did 17 at an average of just under 8.5 min per mile. Not bad.

So that sums it up: not bad.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Running Better, But There Will Be a Test

After some really lackadaisical running early in the week, things began to pick up a bit. Speedwork wasn't so bad, but Sunday and Monday were, and I also took Wednesday off. Drinking from the firehose at work hasn't helped either.

Yesterday I got out early, started fast, and actually got down to tempo pace for three of the eleven miles. Finished in a decent 87 minutes. Not bad. Today I did 6 in 48. Not too bad for an easy day either.

The weekend should be interesting. I'll run long with Dave on Saturday. And then long again Sunday at Edgewater.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Drinking from the Fire Hose

That's me with work this week and last. It's cutting into my running time, $&%$#-it!

After that blue line run I was pretty beat. I did 10 on Sunday, woke up early to run on Labor-Day Monday only to fall back asleep with my running clothes on. This after 3 cups o joe. I did get in a couple that day. Yesterday I only had time for 3 in the morning, but I did make it to the track.

Had a decent speedwork session with 6 x 800 averaging about 3:08. Slow, but not too much worse than my other speed sessions.

I've got to get up early for tomorrow's run before the fire hose starts back up.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Blue Line and Other Runs

Last week I was still feeling pretty darn sore. I did get 10 half-way decent miles in on Thursday.

And then came Saturday. Saturday was the day for the blue line training run. The city of Akron has a blue line along the course of their marathon. And the plan was to run it for 20 miles or so. A bunch of us MCRR runners carpooled it over. As always, it was good fun. I ran with Dan the whole way. It was tough to stay with him for the last 5, but I managed. We averaged just under 9 minutes per mile.

Today it was a slow, tired ten.

North Canton YMCA 4th of July 5-mile

Since I have participated in the Ohio Challenge Series many years, I've done this race many times, albeit many moons ago. It's a fun...