Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Long Run Before TP

Yes, I'm registering for the Towpath Marathon. The race is October 11. Today was my last long run: 24 miles in the cold rain. It wasn't too bad at all, even though I hate cold rain.

Got out at 4:30 and did the 11-mile loop in 95 minutes. Then the fun began. After a pit stop, I went back out, heading up to North Park. Arrived (4 miles in) in 33.5 minutes, ran around for another 8.5 minute mile and then did 10 more laps around the lake, averaging about 2:50 for the .36+ mile loops. Not bad. Got back at 8 minute pace to complete the entire last 13 miles in 1:44. Pretty strong and smooth the whole way. I'm happy with it.

The strange thing is that my sprained right hand is now swollen and sprained once again. It must be from clenching it whilst running in the cold rain.

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