Thursday, September 17, 2009

Appliances and Mom

A couple weeks ago we got our new dishwasher. After a couple very lousy attempts, I eventually got it installed. After spending $1,000, we determined that it doesn't clean dishes very well at all. Then we figured out why: it's hooked up to COLD water. The last one was too, but maybe that one heated the water itself fast enough not to matter. We are now using the temperature boost, and things are a bit better. I'll hook it up correctly one of these days.

And now we've noticed that the washing machine leaks all over the floor. It's old, so time for a new one. Also time for lots of research on the best to get. This ain't easy.

Finally, Mom's been here for a few weeks. She's doing fine, and she puts up with all our appliance woes. Debbie interviewed Mom for StoryCorps. The interview was placed on a CD and will be at the Library of Congress.

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