Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey Naked Man

Yes, that was me. an on-coming high school girl yelled that at me as I was running the out-and-back Race with Grace 5k in Medina today. And yes, I deserved it. I showed up in my pretty pastel pink/lavender/blue women's small running shorts, and I had my shirt off. The result wasn't pretty. I also took some ribbing from my friends who probably haven't seen me in them, at least not for a while.

The hilly Race with Grace was hilly. And there were some hills too. So it was a tough 5k, but it was fun to be with the gang. After a warmup that consisted of running the course, and a slower start, I did the course in 20:25, and then we all ran the course again. I was pretty happy with the performance - I wound up first in my age group and won a rose bush.

Yesterday (Saturday), Dave and I and a few others ran the towpath from Station Road to Hunt Farm and back. That's 10 miles each way. We went out in 87 minutes, and then back in 77 or so. The best part was finishing the last mile in 6:30.

So it was another decent weekend of running. I'll take it.


Mr. P said...

Photos soon on my blog!

Dan Horvath said...

got it - thanks

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