Thursday, September 17, 2009

Terrible Tempo Training Try

After last week's terrific tempo training try, I was expecting something similar today. As always, I consider any run where I do 3 or more consecutive miles under 7 minute pace a tempo run. I did last week's tempo run during miles 2-4 of my familiar 11-mile route. When I tried to do it again today, it didn't happen. I *felt* like I was running fast, but I was slow by about 30 seconds over the 3 miles. My overall time for the 11 (87 minutes) was the same as last week's.

Now I should say that I did indeed have some terrific Tuesday track training the other day. I finally got up to 10 x 800, and averaged 3:09. The important thing is that they were consistent, and I got through the entire workout.

Other than a smattering of other slower runs, there you have it: terrible and terrific all in the same week. On the whole, howeve, I think things are looking up.

Plans are for a long run Saturday and then a series 5k Sunday.

1 comment:

Clifford Running said...

that was a good run on Sunday, always a pleasure to run with the bunch. See you soon.

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