Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Yassos, and a Long Run

Once again on Tuesday I found myself starting to do 10 x 800 at the track. My first two were just about like last week: both in 3:10. But with this week's heat and humidity and bugs (I guess they weren't midges, but they were still getting into my eyes, mouth and nose), it was tough. So there I was, really struggling, with eight more to go, when Frank showed up. Running those last 8 with someone else made all the difference. Yes, they were still tough, but I managed to get through them - something I may not have been able to do otherwise. I averaged 3:08 - just about like last week.

After some shorter stuff yesterday, I tried to get up early enough today to do 24 or so. Didn't happen - I slept in until 4:30. So ok, I probably wouldn't do 20, and I'd have to move it anyway. I did a few (actually four) on the mill before heading outside. That mill running included a 3-mile tempo run. The ten miles outside included a 3-mile tempo run consisting of 4 3/4 mile laps of the high school. When I got back home I was feeling beat, but I still had six miles to get up to 20. But traffic was getting bad, and I wanted a softer surface, so I hit the mill once again. And once again, I included a tempo run. So I got my 20 in, with some speed as well. But it really wasn't all that pretty.

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