Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yes, It Was Interesting

I noted that I'd been running better, but that this weekend would be a test. Probably an interesting one.

And it was. Saturday I met Dave at his place and we ran a long route down into the valley, along the towpath and then back up the parkway. I was a bit concerned about that back up part. But I kept up with Dave, and we did just fine. It turned out to be about 20 and a half, and we did it in something like 2:57. Not bad, especially considering those huge hills.

Sunday was probably even more interesting. Ladd and Frank picked me up and we drove to Edgewater, arriving at 5am. We'd thought about doing 20, but had time constraints. We started slowly, but gradually picked it up. Then, as it began to get light, we started to run through some bugs. Then there were more and more of the bugs. Clouds of bugs. Bugs going into our eyes, ears, mouths, noses. Yechh. The problem subsided as the sun came up, but by then we were running out of time. We'd seen some other interesting stuff as well: a beautiful night sky and sunrise, thousands of seagulls, etc.

I did manage to run the final 4 of the .9 mile loops at a pretty good pace. Altogether I did 17 at an average of just under 8.5 min per mile. Not bad.

So that sums it up: not bad.

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