Monday, August 18, 2008

News Items

Here is a note I sent to Dave, Amy and Dena. Since it contains a few news items that I had not necessarily mentioned here in the blog, I'll paste it in here.

Hi folks:

1) I did the Perfect 10-Miler yesterday in a decent 66:10. I've now done this every one of the five years they've had it. If you want to read more, go to:

2) I recently joined the Medina County Road Runners, and I've run with them a few times, mostly for their Tuesday evening speedwork sessions. Friendly group.

3) Since my day-job type work is slow, I started working at the Medina Second Sole store in my spare time. If you're ever driving by, stop in to say hello. By the way, I'll keep you posted about sales and stuff. I should be even better informed now than ever.

4) I won't be there for Saturday's run once again. We're going to Chicago to visit Valerie and Dan. I DO plan to run with you guys the following Saturday (the 30th). I also plan to do a 10k in Alliance the following Monday. I need this break from racing...

5) But speaking of racing, I guess I should decide about Presque Isle on September 14. I'm sure Mr. Dave won't decide till the last minute, but I'll need to make up my mind myself pretty soon.

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