Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Week of July 27, 2008

Sunday: We were at the hotel in Norwalk and I was about to head out the door when the thunderstorm hit. Big time. So I stayed on the mill and did 10 x 1200 in 4:44. Not the greatest run though - I held on some.

Monday: I was tired, but I did manage to do 10 on the mill, with 9 of them at MP. Then I did 1 more outside just for the heck of it. Quads were really sore afterwards.

Wednesday: My quads were constantly sore, and it was a rough ride home anyway. But even so I still did manage to run ok this day. I did the 4-mile course twice (34.5, 31.5) and then did 2 more in 16. Hoping the quads improve for tomorrow.

Thursday: My long runs had been getting better and better. Until today. I wasn't feeling that great and the weather (70s, very humid) wasn't very good. So my run wasn't the greatest this time. I had only planned on 20 instead of the usual 24. Even so I was feeling very tired after the initial 16 (in 2:17). Then I had some GU and stepped onto the treadmill for the last 4. I did manage sub-7 pace, but I held on, so it still wasn't so great. Maybe I'll get back into it next week.

Saturday: I did about 18, maybe more, on the towpath with Dave and Amy. Most of it was at about 8:30 pace, but some was slower. All in all not that bad. It was exciting to see the Burning River 100 going on.

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