Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Whale and Today's Run

Debbie and I unloaded the Whale yesterday. It was sad after 15 years. We took it to Cleveland Auto Clinic which is associated with a charity - the car will (hopefully) be fixed and then given to a single mother in need. I'm told that with this scenario, I can claim the blue book value for taxes.

The trip to Broadway and Harvard was an interesting journey down memory lane for Debbie and me. Holy Name church and elementary school are still there, but other areas were run down.

I went to bed with the attitude: "If I happen to wake up early, I'll do an extra 10 before Dave comes out." (This has happened before...) So of course I awoke at 2, got up by 3, and was running the first loop of Dave's neighborhood at 4. I done pretty good - 74 for the first 10, and 82 for the second 10 with Dave. Decent but not the greatest.

OTOH, I do think I'm getting to be in really good shape. I reserved a room for Columbus in October. But I'm still keeping the Towpath open.

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