Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today's Death March

The plan had been to do the 20 yesterday, run easy today, and then try for another 20 on Friday. But then I woke up early again today and decided, why not bang out the 20 while I'm up? Bad Idea. Especially when it's 80F at 4AM, and I was still beat up from yesterday.

The first 4 down Substation were ok, but then it started getting ugly. Struggling back after those first 8, I decided that instead of going back down Substation for the second 8 like yesterday, I would head over to the track to get myself back on track, so to speak. I thought maybe I could make up for some of these slow miles by getting down to MP for 3 or 4 miles.

Didn't happen. I was lucky to do the 4 on the track in 33 minutes - that was my speedwork for the day. Getting back from the track was a real struggle.

4-mile splits: 32:11, 33:09, 36:17 (to the track), 33:00 (on the track), 36:02 (back)
Final time was 2:50:30.

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