Thursday, January 20, 2011


Got an email from Dave whilst I was in Omaha! (Note that Omaha is always followed by an '!'. There are no exceptions.) He had run long and hard on his treadmill and wound up with plantar fasciitis, or something just like it. The funny thing is that I was beginning to suffer from PF myself at that moment, and I'd also been doing too much treadmill running due to the bad weather in Omaha! I'd never before considered that the mill itself could be the cause of my own occasional bouts with the PF, but who knows?

Speaking of the mill, four days in a row was tough, but what made it tougher was my limited choice of tv stations. What I wound up with was the Patty Duke show as well as Mr. Ed. Not that I ever forgot them, but I'm now really, really good at knowing the lyrics to their respective theme songs.

I missed the usual Saturday run because of a missed air connection and becoming stranded in Detroit. Sunday I did two big loops as I'd done the previous week, but I even added a lap around the lake this time.

Back to the pain. I'm fighting this PF thing tooth and nail. I'm using the boot, stretching, strengthening, walking around the house in my Keens, etc., etc. My other pain is coming from my wrist, and this one is even more puzzling. It's most likely a sprain cause by lifting weights, but I really don't know for sure; it just started to hurt.

Reminds me about the time Spock did the mind meld with the Horta:

[opening his mind-meld with the Horta]
Mr. Spock: [crying] PAIN! PAIN!

And so on.

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