Saturday, March 23, 2013

pantalones hay más

I was trying to say, 'no mas pantalones', like the Progressive TV ad, but Google Translate changes 'no more pants' into 'pantalones hay más'. So that's the title of this post - because I like this rendition even better.

The Progressive ad, which accomplishes its mission of being so silly that's it's actually funny in spite of itself, features a couple Progressive competitors who evidently lie about their  companies' capabilities and then have their pants catch on fire. As the conflagration winds down, one guy says to the other in very bad Spanish, 'no mas pantalones'.

What does any of this have to do with moi? I made a pact with myself on or about the beginning of March to no longer wear long pants for my runs. It seemed like a pretty good bet - that March running would be mild enough for me to expose my bare naked legs.

Little did I know that, unlike last March, when we had record high temperatures in the eighties, this March would be so much colder than normal.

But I've kept faithful to my ambition. I haven't worn long pants for a run for several weeks now. Of course for some of the runs I've still wimped out of running outside and opted for the mill. Maybe that DQ's me from saying that I've run pantless, I dunno.

All this does remind me of a similar pact that Rita Cognion made with herself several years ago. She was planning to go pantless for the entire winter, however. And she did it! How, you ask? The beginning of that winter was fairly mild. Then, when it did finally begin to get cold, she moved to Hawaii.

Jeesh. I hope that doesn't happen to me.

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