Saturday, October 19, 2013

9:30 Now and Eventually a Wannabe

Two days in a row I got myself caffeined up, and then shot out that door. I was gonna get a fast start, and continue on to a fast overall run - something of substance - if it killed me.

After some lackadaisical running after returning from vacation, I did manage a decent speedwork session at the track on Tuesday. The yassos went well, and they sure felt fast. But then looking back in my log to just a few weeks earlier, they were somewhat slower.

All this was okay, I told myself. As long as I can eventually bounce back, there's no shame in having a few slow weeks. But how long is eventually?

For both days, that lightning-fast first mile came in at 9:30. Of course this is another case of, it felt faster. Much faster. For both days, I did get a little faster for subsequent miles, but not where I was; especially not where I want to be.

Hmmm. Wannabe. Maybe I'll get there eventually.

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