Tuesday, November 17, 2015

For my Next Trick

It’s the Buckeye Woods 50K (BW50K), and it’s only a week and a half away. One would think that having run 50 miles three and a half weeks ago, I’d be fairly confident that I can run a distance that’s 19 miles less than that. Except that I'm not. Lookyahere:

1)      I never take completion of any distance for granted. Especially not when it involves as many as 31 miles.

2)      I haven’t run much at all since the Fall 50. For the two weeks in Turkey, I don’t think I ever ran more than six miles, and I didn’t even run all that often.

3)      When I did return this past weekend and tried to do a 14-miler, I made it, but it wasn’t pretty. Not at all.

4)      I probably put on ten pounds whilst in Turkey. I’m not entirely sure; I’m afraid to check.

I could go on… But suffice it to say that I’ve got a healthy respect for the distance involved.

 And now I’ve got about 10 days to get (back) into shape. Anyone taking bets?

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