Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Joy of Failure

There have been instances where I go out for a run with high hopes for a great, or at least a good performance, but for some reason the thing ends as a miserable failure. I revel in these Miscarriages.

I've posted about training failures before: as far back as 2007, and as recently as a week ago. Of course some of my races turn out to be stinkers too.

But not all that many. Most races turn out more or less the way I expect them to. Chalk it up to experience, preparation, or what have you. Actually, I do have something: allowing for failures during training so that they (hopefully) do not occur during races. So an occasional stinker of a training run truly doesn't bother me... Just so it doesn't happen too often.

On the other hand, it's a real confidence booster when a run is beginning to turn south, but I'm able to somehow right the ship. This was the case for Sunday's long run on the Lester Rail Trail. I started extremely slow, then picked it up nicely for the middle miles as Will Bertemes and Harold Dravenstott joined me, and then struggled mightily to get the final 6 of the 24 on my own. Yet I did manage to get through them. I paid the physical price the rest of the day, but that was a small price to pay for the added reassurance that I can do it when I need to.

Wednesday's run was definitely more of the letdown variety. I ventured into the dark park with a plan to do my usual 10-mile route. A good solid pace, despite the hills would have been nice. But I started so slow on the downhill section, that I was never able to recover. I only did 6, and I was happy when it was over. Today's run was better.

Only a month to go now. Rock the Ridge is just around the corner.

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