Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Feeling no Pain

Danny Boy is smack dab in the middle of his very slow track workout when it occurs to him. Not much else has occurred to him yet this early morning, so any thought at all is, by definition, somewhat outstanding and profound... at least in relativistic terms. The thought is this: Danny Boy is feeling no pain.

Danny Boy's brother, Dave, seriously maintains a list of euphemisms for being drunk. Right there, along with three sheets to the wind, drunk as a skunk, annihilated, inebriated, dead drunk, looped, snockered, etc., is feeling no pain.

But Danny Boy isn't feeling no pain due to any influence from alcoholic beverages of any form. He is feeling no pain in the literal sense. In regards to this here feeling: it's been coming on for some time now, and it's noted now and then. But once in a while, Danny Boy actually expends a few neurons to consider it: he does so today, and it feels real good.

Not that the Achilles Tendonitis thing is gone for good. Oh no; it's still around. But the pain has largely/mostly subsided for the time being. And that's a good thing. This enables Danny Boy to run more. Not faster, mind you, just more.

That's still a good thing. He will take it.

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