Sunday, July 02, 2017

MP6 Race Report

The Third Annual Poorly Organized Mugrage Park 6-Hour Run lived up to it's name once again. I humbly submit that it's highly doubtful that anyone could have not organized an event better than this.

I arrived a couple minutes early and began using my poor organizational skills right off the bat: by picking up trash left from the night before. Soon the other 6am starters began to arrive, so I quickly signed in, and got my numero uno bib. Yes, they started with bib number 1, and I got it. What would this portend for the race itself? 

Frank Dwyer took off after a lap or so, and never looked back. He mostly stayed a couple laps ahead of me for the entire six hours. As the day wore on, the heat and the miles began to take their toll. We all began to slow down, but I never caught up with Frankie. 

It was great fun seeing my MCRR peeps out there. There were 30 of us altogether. And then there were the wonderful volunteers. Thanks to all!

I am extremely thankful that:

a) I got past 50K. I didn't last year, but that was a hotter day.
b) We (Frankie and me) did not get chicked!
c) It's over!!

In the final results, Frank Dwyer was the overall winner with 37 laps, which equates to 35.15 miles. What some runners won't do for a $50 gift certificate! Suzanne Sharpe had the highest mileage for the women at 26.6 miles. I was the second overall with 35 laps and 33.25 miles.

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