Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Playing in the Snow

Most adults don't get to go out to play in the snow. Those with kids do sometimes. And runners do.

Yes, we runners get to go out and play in the snow. I did it today, which also happens to be New Year's Day, 2014. And it was fun.

2013 wasn't too bad. I ran my 100th, and final marathon. I barely achieved my goal of getting faster at shorter stuff - mostly by doing better than I did in 2012, but not necessarily earlier years. Picked up some AG awards along the way. And I capped off the year with an excellent (for me) 50K at Buckeye Woods.

The last couple weeks haven't been quite so stellar, however. For some reason I ran really slow for my runs in Connecticut. And then, in a not necessarily unrelated event, I caught a bad cold from the grand-kids. With these sniffles, I ran indoors the last two days, and was almost going to do so once again today.

But then I looked outside. There were only a few inches of new snow, and the temperature, at 19F, wasn't all that bad. So out I went.

It's not really possible to run fast in snow that's more than a couple inches deep. And I sure didn't today. It was 11:30 miles at best; it took over an hour forty to get nine miles in.

But those slow miles were fun slow miles. I'll pick it up again next time I'm on the mill.

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