Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Seemed Like Farther

This is yet another variation on my recurring it seemed like faster theme.

After a few easy miles I arrive at Joel Barlow High School and immediately begin doing loops around the school grounds. I've done these things before when visiting the kids here in Redding, CT. Somehow, according to my failing memory, I thought these loops were something like one and a quarter miles. It's too bad that I'm wearing my Soleus GPS this time. That's because that contraption tells me that the loop is only 0.85 miles.

It sure seemed like farther. With hopes of picking up the pace I do another loop. It's faster, but not by much. I do another, still slow. At some point I start to think this measurement stuff is for the birds. I'm averaging ten to eleven minute miles, and had I not been wearing the Soleus, I'd have said they were nine-minute ones. I guess it doesn't matter whether I say felt like farther or felt like faster. It's all the same space-time continuum.

I like the school area because there's not so much traffic in the area. Of course it helps that school's out. It's Boxing Day. Yesterday's Christmas Day run hadn't been much to speak of, but I didn't have much time since we were about to jump in the car for the long drive over here. I do a couple out-and back runs to add mileage, and then, now that it's getting light, start on the dirt trail through the woods.

The dirt trail is actually mostly crushed stone, and the woods are quite nice; I like this route. I remember it to be a mile long, and - for once -my GPS confirms this. I do three loops, each a bit faster.

And now it's time to head back home. No sense picking up the speed now. Saunter is as saunter does.

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