Sunday, February 09, 2014

((fill in the blank)) of life is just showing up

I've had some very good excuses, but I still felt a little bit bad about not making it to so many of my own scheduled Sunday morning runs at Hinckley. The excuses ranged from biblical snowstorms to being out of town. But since I had arranged the darn things, I still felt that I was a bit lagging in fulfilling my obligations. To me, you see, just showing up is pretty important stuff.

Today's excuses would've been no less valid. My wrecked knee from the previous day's run, and more biblical snow could've/would've/should've kept me at home once again. But they didn't. I did show up, although I didn't run the usual 5:30 am nine-mile loop with the gang. Nope, I bid my friends adieu, and then proceeded to shuffle around in the snow for a few miles.

The old knee was okay today. Shuffling agrees with it.

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