Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Kid WILL Stop Talking About Himself, but First This About His Recent Running

No one really wants to hear The Kid talk about himself so much, so he's going to stop. Really. Except that he does want to say this first (Notice he's not saying when he will stop).

The Kid is up at 3:30 AM. That's not too unusual. He had decided the night before not to run outside in the cold today, and had promptly gone to bed at 8:30 PM. It is unusual for The Kid to miss a Sunday run in the hills of Hinckley, but he really didn't want to fight the sub-zero temperatures today.

Last Sunday, The Kid did manage to run two of the infamous 9-Mile Hinckley loops. That actually went quite well for him. He was also gratified to be joined by so many of his running friends doing this or that in beautiful Hinckley.

The rest of the week consisted of a couple quite lousy outside runs in the snow, and some treadmill speedwork on days when the snow was even worse. The Kid had managed to stay off the mill for almost all of the mild winter, but this week had been a little different.

And so was today. Today called for a long run, and it had been years (yes, years) since The Kid had run long on the mill. Way back, way, way back, he had run as much as 24 miles on the mill, and he thought he'd try it again today.

He gets the brand-new pair of Mizuno Wave Riders out of the box. The Kid absolutely loves Wave Riders. He starts up his movie, Black Hat, and begins running. Within the first mill mile, The Kid realizes that he's seen this movie before. Well that wasn't very smart. Good thing he has a backup movie, Ex Machina.

This movie isn't bad, and neither is The Kid's run. He makes it to 24, and he's not too much the worse for wear.

And maybe he'll go on talking about himself a little while longer.

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Harold said...

Are you ok?

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