Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Kid is Fine.. Really.

The Kid announces that he needs to stop into the porta-potty that's conveniently located half-way through the famous Hinckley 9-mile loop. "Don't wait for me," he says, not for the first time on this particular run. His running friends didn't listen the other times; contrary to his request, they waited for him at the top of Bellus Road hill, and also at the top of County Line Road hill. This time he really means it.

They don't wait this time, but they do drop the, "Are you okay?" question. And that's not for the first time either. "I'm fine," the Kid tells them. And that's not for the first time either.

The Kid is getting over a cold, and he's been coughing up gunk at times during this run. He doesn't think he's relapsing, but one never knows. He sounds worse than he feels.

Yesterday's long run in Medina saw more coughing, more, "Are you okay?" questions, and more "I'm fine" answers. But that one was 20 plus miles, at a pace much, much faster than the Kid is used to. Of course he was going to cough. Today, he's merely still recovering.

So for the last time, the Kid is fine.. Really.

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