Sunday, January 24, 2016


Today was the day the Hinckley 9-mile loop course record, originally co-held by yours truly, would fall. A group of fast kids planned to run at 8:00 AM with the goal to take that record down. But first some of us early-birds had to get their 6:00 AM Sunday morning constitutional in.

Speaking of constitutionals, there's the matter of the portable toilet in the Hinckley Spillway parking lot. We all wear plenty of reflective material as well as bright flashing lights of all colors. The better to see and be seen by drivers whilst running on the roads around the park. Some of the lighting has just about gotten out of hand however. One person wears flashing lights that are so bright they're nearly blinding. I wondered if it takes a small portable nuclear power plant to supply the electricity. When said runner entered the porta-potty, from the outside was so well lit, it looked like a porta-party!


And yes, the record did indeed fall. Several runners made it under the old 1:07 mark, with Renee Harden turning in the fastest time of 1:02.

I can only rest assured that my other record, the number of times this loop has been run, is pretty safe at the moment. I believe it's somewhere between 170 and 200. I could check, but I won't just now.

The early birds along with the fast bunch


Harold said...

Dust off the record books. I'm coming after your other loop record. 😜

Dan Horvath said...

I wish you luck, but since I'm still going, it won't be so easy!

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