Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weather Wimp

It's about that time of year: when I post something about how I hate running in awful weather, but how I also hate running on treadmills. You might say I have a hate-hate relationship with the whole lot. The only thing worse than running in bad weather or running on the mill is not running at all. Maybe it's actually a hate-hate-hate thing.

This El NiƱo winter has really left me with little room to complain. Until now.. -> November and December were both significantly milder than normal. It's just too bad that January didn't get the memo. Lately things have been sorta normal. And sorta normal in these parts is sorta bad this time of year. A brief rundown of the last few days will illustrate:

Saturday: Cold rain. I hate cold rain. But you knew that. I probably would've run on the mill had I not made plans to meet Debbie Scheel and Michelle Wolff for a run in Medina. Guess what? Once we got moving, it wasn't so awful.

Sunday: Cold rain. I hate cold rain. I thought about meeting a group in Medina again, but was this close (picture me squinting, with my thumb and forefinger a half-inch apart) to getting on the mill. Instead, I thought to just try to do a brief trial type run outside, figuring that I'd come right back and finish on the mill after a couple cold, wet, miserable miles. But then something amazing happened. I stayed out and completed my twelve-ish miles in the elements without having to step on the old mill. Just after I finished, the rain changed to snow and it got much colder.

Monday: Extremely cold wind chills and plenty of blowing and drifting snow. And despite all that, I got out for a short run. It wasn't too fast and it wasn't too far, but it was out.

Tuesday: Still cold, but not so extreme. Now, however, we have a lot more snow. And despite all that, I got out for yet another run. I had planned to get ten or so miles in today, but as slow as I was moving, I only had time for five and a half.

Today: More cold; more snow. Okay, enough is enough. After five challenging outdoor days in a row, I stayed on the mill.

The thing is, I never regret an outdoor run. But the mill days have me lamenting not being out. Like I'm doing now.

The weather forecast for tomorrow sounds no better. I'd better make plans for another day on the old mill.

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