Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Resolutionists

Sounds like members of some religious sect, doesn't it? They may or may not be religious in the classical sense, but their main purpose is to make the fitness center more crowded than usual in early January of every year.

As I do with the more gung-ho members of any religion, I try my best to avoid the Resolutionists as much as I can. The best bet is to get in and out of the fitness center, including the locker room, as fast as possible.

Today was a little problematic, however. Other than a couple rare exceptions, I've managed to run outside almost every day during the fall, and so far this winter. Blame that on El Nino - the weather has been very unseasonably mild. But this morning I awoke to 12F temperatures, and decided to be a treadmill wimp.

Milling around, in turn, caused me to have closer than desired encounters with my Resolutionist friends. Every mill was in use. I was able to get one early, so I could stay there and get my 11.25 miles in.

How did I do, you ask? Bleh. Faster than average, but outside, even with the cold, would've been more enjoyable. And I would've been farther away from that religious sect.


Harold said...

Every year, I've gone to the REC Center once to remind myself of this misery. Well, this year's "resolution" is to not go to the REC and I'm sticking to it. It's all outdoor miles for me, buddy!

Dan Horvath said...

I made that same resolution one year. I managed to stay off the mill for the entire 365 days. Good luck!

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