Sunday, November 06, 2005

Brunswick Rec Center 5K

It was pouring rain when I drove the two miles to the start. Then it
stopped - it was merely extremely windy during the race. It poured like
crazy again as I was driving home. So I suppose I should count my lucky
stars. I had expected a very small turnout based on last year's small field
as well as this year's weather. Last year I had placed third overall with a
relatively slow time of 19:50. This year I thought I might be able to do
better. Hey - maybe no one else would show up at all, and I would win by

As you may have guessed, this didn't happen. Although the throng of people
at the start line of the Brunswick Rec Center 5K didn't quite rival that of
the nearly simultaneous New York City Marathon, I was surprised that they
had more than last year. There were perhaps more than one hundred, and
dang-it, some fast guys too.

So I couldn't have been a contender. I finished somewhere in the top ten -
maybe seventh or eighth. Based on my training and last week's 5K (19:10),
this week's time was a little disappointing : 19:34. Yeah, it's faster than
last year, but it better be - I should be in better shape. And yeah, I could
blame it on the wind. Maybe I will.

I did get a trophy for first master. Nice to know I can still beat all the
40-year old punks. At least the ones in Brunswick.

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