Saturday, November 19, 2005

Connecticut and Today's Run - 2005-11-19

Debbie and I made good time on our trip to CT yesterday... just about 8 hours. No real problems. When we arrived we checked out Veronica and Barry's nicely updated kitchen, went to dinner at the Lime, which I really liked until I saw a roach on the edge of our table, then watched Star Wars III.

Today's run was my most enjoyable ever here in Connecticut. I did my usual West Rocks / East Rocks run, but this time I started following the arrows that had been painted on the roads. I'd seen them before, but never followed them this far. They are the markings for a five mile race and led back to a school for the start/finish. The 1-mile mark was on East Rocks. It's a very nice course, and I'll do it again next time.

Altogether with the usual 6, the 5 for the course, and some extra back and forth, I figure I ran 13 miles in 1:46. Most of the measured course miles were at about 8 minutes.

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