Monday, February 05, 2007

Running in Hawaii

For my first morning on Maui I met up with Rita and we ran to the end of the road. It was so nice to run that stretch - one of my favorites - with her. We made several pit-stops - a couple at the Maui Price Hotel and one to talk with some of her run club friends who we happened upon. The course is 15 miles, but I'm calling this one 17 with the extra I ran towards Kihei to hook up with Rita. Rita herself was pretty tuckered out by the ordeal; she had run even more than I.

But I was feeling fine, so the next day I did the same 15-mile route alone in the dark. Rita needed that time off for recovery. I enjoyed this run as well, but the mileage apparently did me in - my on/off cold came back with a vengence afterwards.

Rita and I hooked up for another run where we ran towards each other, and then ran back through Wailea and turned around. My legs were tired but I did manage to keep up and did 8.

That was it for a while - I was just too sick.

I was still sick when we arrived on the Big Island, but after 3 days off I did manage to run 4 around the Waikoloa resort area.

And then came the big one: the 20 mile run up and back down the mountain - Waikoloa road well past the village of the same name. I had been worried because I was still recovering from the cold, but this is an awesome run and I actually did fine: 1:35 going up and 1:19 coming back down. I only hope I didn't ruin myself further.

Although I wasn't feeling my best that day and next, I didn't. After a rest day I did 11 - over to the Orchid and back. Out in 49.5, back in 45.5. Took a while to loosen up, but this was an ok run.

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