Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week of October 12, 2008

Sunday: Towpath Marathon - see separate post ("catch a falling leaf").

Tuesday: I managed to do some speedwork on the Tuesday after the last marathon, so I showed up for the Tuesday evening thing. I was extremely tired and sore, but it sure helps to have others around. Bob and I were coming down from our race and Dan was tapering for his. We also had some newbies. Slow running was in order. We did some striders and then 3 x 400. That was it. That was enough.

Wednesday: Ten hours and one Aleve later, it was time for more speedwork. After a slow run to the track, I did 4 x 1200 in (4:54, 4:53, 4:57, 4:49). This was much better than expected, so I'm happy with it.

Thursday: I wasn't expecting much, and it was raining, so I hit the mill. Turned out not so bad: 7 miles with 5 at MP. I'll take it.

Saturday: Stomp the Grapes Half-Marathon. See separate post.

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