Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week of October 19, 2008

Sunday: A slow painful 3 miles at (gasp) nine and a half minute pace. May try a long one tomorrow.

Monday: This was to be my only long run between the Towpath Marathon and the Inland Trail Marathon. A good quality one would be great, but barring that, any measure of 20 or more miles would suffice. I was still pretty beat up from Stomp the Grapes. Seems like more so than I was after the Towpath. I had a tough time even getting out the door. No problem, thought I; once I get moving, things will be fine. They weren't. I did my 11-mile route at a 9-minute pace and never really felt good the whole time. I almost quit, but instead ate some food and did 9 more on the mill at 8-minute pace. Even at that I stopped to eat some more. So not a pretty long run at all. And my neuroma still hurts.

Tuesday: I showed up for the evening speedwork exceedingly sore and tired. So were Dan and Jim. So we took things really easy on ourselves. 4 x 400, all in the upper 90 seconds.

Wednesday: I was still beat up of course, but of course I headed over to the track for more speedwork on 10 hours rest just like I did last week. And also like last week I did better than expected: 4 x 1200 at about 4:55. Slow, but fast enough to call it speedwork. I limped home, foot and body hurting.

Friday: I took Thursday off because I was so sore. I thought I'd feel better today, and I did. But not that much better. Not as much better as I wanted to feel. I managed to do 6 miles at 9-minute pace. Running's a chore these days. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Naaah.

One positive thing: my weight. It had been good anyway - in the 154-153 range. And now the last few days it's been pretty consistently at 152. Tomorrow's clambake will take care of that.

Saturday: 14 on the towpath with Dave and Amy. Easy does it - 9 minute pace going out towards Peninsula, about 8:20 coming back. I feel a wee bit better.

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