Sunday, October 05, 2008

Week of October 5, 2008

Sunday: I was headed down to the Fox River 5k/10k, a low key race. I made a low key effort to find it (it's south of Medina) and got there with 5 minutes to spare. Or so I thought. Turned out I was late - the race had started 15 minutes earlier. As I was driving out of the subdivision, I saw all the runners coming back in.

So I went to the Clagett track for a speed workout. And I done pretty good. It was a beautiful October morning. I did the old 20 x 400 / 10k workout. After a shakey start, I consistently hit the 400 times, and didn't take too much time resting during the 100s. First 5k in 22, second in 21. Altogether 43:09. Almost as good as a race. Maybe better.

94(35),91(37),92(39),91(40),92(39),90(37),91(39),91(40),90(38),89(38),91(39),93(37),89(43),91(36),91(37),92(38),90(40),89(39),90(40),86(25) - average about 90.

Monday: Just 5 on the mill - all I had time for. Weight is still at 154.

Tuesday: After work and then work, I managed to get to the Tuesday speedwork location. Only Dan showed up, but he's a good partner for me - we're pretty close in speed. Actually, he's way faster, but I think I may have some advantage in distance. Dan's getting ready for Columbus - a week later than the towpath. We did 6 x 800 in: 3:13, 3:13, 3:11, 3:07, 3:10, 3:06. An average of 3:10. Pretty solid.

One thought: I told Dan that we should leave the track feeling like we could do more. Then I started wondering where I heard such a thing and who it applied to. I suppose it was advice from some coach to recreational runners who hit the track once a week or so.

Wednesday: After 10 hours rest, I was out running again early in the morning (had cancellation). It wasn't one of my fastest or best, but 10 miles at 8 1/2 minute pace wasn't bad on tired old legs. I then did some weights and 3 more on the mill.

Looks like Sunday's marathon weather won't be so great: mid 70s. Could be worse, but generally, yucch.

Thursday: 2 on the mill, then some work, then 3 slow ones outside. So-so running. The good news? My foot is generally better, and my weight is down to 153.

Saturday: I was in the valley anyway; I'd volunteered to represent the MCRR at the towpath expo. So I arrived a bit early and went to Station road almost like a usual Saturday run. Except this time I was tapering, so I only did 4. They were a good 4 however - the first mile was 8:30, and the rest were 7:30, which is my intended race pace. Not bad.

I'd be much happier if the cool weather would continue into Sunday for the race, but instead it will be warm. High will be in the upper 70s, but maybe the morning hours will be at least decent.

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