Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week of April 12, 2009

After yesterday's fairly long run, I had some grand plans of another one today. Didn't happen. I was EXTEMELY tired. Not sore, just tired. Almost sleeping on the run. I only made it 8 slow miles on Substation, followed by another 2 on the mill.

I was tired after yesterday's all-day trip to Amish country with Dave and Carol. So once again I had planned to do more, but wound up with only 10 very slow miles.

I was bound and determined that come hell or high water, I was gonna run 20 miles today. I took one step outside and realized that there was indeed high water - a cold rain. My favorite. So I stepped on the mill. And I done fairly good - 20 miles at a steady sub-8 pace (zero elevation). I didn't have to hold on too much and I even felt like I coulda done more.

20 minutes of old, tired running on a nice day at noon. Don't know why the old body's so tired today. Must be spring fever.

24 on the Lester Rail Trail. See separate post.

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