Sunday, April 05, 2009

Week of April 5, 2009

Sunday: After all that travel... I didn't feel all that bad. I even woke up early. So I hit the old 16-mile route. I started off at a bit better than 8 1/2 minute pace, and managed to hold that most of the way. I did slow some for miles 11-14, but then picked it up once more. Splits were 67, 68, so I finished in 2:15, the best in a while. Nice Ohio morning, even though it was cool. Nice sunrise.

Wednesday: There's been snow and cold lately, so I haven't been running. This was to change today, as I planned a 20 miler. Since it was still cold and yucchy, I just got on the mill. Turned out that I started a bit late and ran out of time. Not that it was a stellar performance anyway: after starting well and even doing some 7:30 miles, I hit the wall at about 12. After that I was just limping through. I got to 18 before calling it quits. This was a little disappointing.

Thursday: Yes, of course I was tired and sore. But I did make it through my 6-mile course at 9-minute pace. I'll take it.

Friday: 3 tired miles on the mill. Nuthin much else goin on.

Saturday: I met Dave and Amy in the valley for our usual Saturday run that hasn't been so usual lately because I've been out so much. Today was back to normal - at least for today - I'll be out some more starting next week. It was good to get on the ole towpath once again. We also ran up to Brandywine falls and did the bike&hike trail and the old carriage trail. All of it was fairly slow but nice. I'm calling it 17 to make 60 for the week.


Mr. Pythagoras said...

I'm sure "Welcome Back" isn't appropriate when returning from Hawaii, but welcome back. The snow was awating your return!

Dan Horvath said...

yeah - what a nice surprise!

Clifford Running said...

Hope you had a great time! Gonna make it to the group run Saturday morning? Talk to you soon.

Dan Horvath said...

Already had plans to run in the valley. Sorry. Have a good run.

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